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More Than 30 Bodies Recovered From River

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Kenyans have been thrown into panic mode and have demanded answers after reports surfaced on the shocking scenarios of people killed and their bodies dumped in River Yala, Siaya County.

Activists Boniface Mwangi and Hussein Khalid of Haki Africa exposed the daunting murders which prompted Kenyans to use the hashtag #RiverYalaBodies to call upon Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai to investigate the matter that has since led to public uproar.

Mwangi took to Twitter to share a thread detailing his visit to Yala Sub County Hospital mortuary where the duo saw 21 bodies listed as unknown, waiting to be buried in mass graves.

Activist Boniface Mwangi. /FILE

He added that most of them bore marks of torture, tied with ropes, polythene bags on their heads and some had deep cuts.

“On 20th October 2021, Yala Mortuary buried 9 unidentified bodies to create space in the morgue. Since then, the hospital receives at least five bodies from River Yala every month,” he wrote.

He then interviewed Okero Kite, one of the divers at the river who revealed that he has recovered 31 bodies from the river since July 2021. On October 10, 2021, Okero retrieved 10 bodies from the river, all in individual sacks.

He pointed fingers at suspicious activity reported along the river in the late hours of the night whereby two unidentified vehicles had made frequent trips to the river for the past three months, both spotted by residents in the area.

“It never used to be like this. Right now we are also shocked by what is happening because some of the gunny bags are well sewed like a parcel,” the diver stated.

He added that some of the bodies recovered from the river were not of residents from the area but rather brought from other places.

“They are not people from here, they are brought from other places and dumped at the bridge,” he went on.

Okero added that there were still many bodies in the river and the activists followed him to the river to confirm for themselves. In a span of minutes, he spotted and showed them two bodies dumped in the river.

“If you have a missing person and you think they might be dead, check at Yala Sub-County Hospital Mortuary. Your loved one might be one of the bodies that will be disposed of soon if not claimed,” Mwangi appealed.

To prove that it was not an isolated case, Mwangi also shared a Direct Message (DM) he received from an anonymous user who recounted how his brother was allegedly murdered by police officers, put in a sack and dumped at Oldonyo Sabuk river, which is located in the area where a mountain and an adjacent small town near Thika Kenya are featured.

The town is located in Kyanzavi Division, Machakos County.

A police van in Kenya. /NAIROBI NEWS

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