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MP Behind Uhuru’s Mpango Wa Kando Bill Speaks

Homa Bay Town Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Kaluma was the genius behind the bill and had opened up on what inspired its creation.

One of the parliamentary bills that was signed into law by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday, November 17 at State House, Nairobi was the Law of Succession (Amendment) Bill or the Mpango wa Kando bill.

The bill confirmed the worst nightmare for secret lovers (Mpango wa Kando) as it effectively locked them out of laying claim to property of their spouses after they were termed illegitimate.

Homa Bay Town Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Kaluma was the genius behind the bill and had opened up on what inspired its creation.

Homa Bay Town Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Kaluma. /FILE

Kaluma had indicated that all he wanted was orderliness in terms of property succession, not that he was a victim of succession rows involving secret lovers.

He introduced the Amendment Bill in November 2019 with the aim of barring secret lovers from depending on spouses.

“I have had no horrible experience at the hands of slay queens. The motivation of the new law was to bring sanity in property succession contests.

“If you were a secret, remain there as a secret. My wife should not be mourning, and another one I was meeting at a retreat is busy in some court. Inheritance will now be limited to legally married husbands and wives and their legal children,” he revealed.

The new law saw the list of dependents cut to include the deceased’s parents, step-parents, grandparents, grandchildren and step-children.

Others are brothers, sisters, half-brothers and half-sisters and children the deceased had taken as his own.

“A person not named in this section shall not be a dependant for the purposes of this Act unless the person proves [he or she was] maintained by the deceased for a period of two years prior to the deceased’s death,” reads a section of the amended bill.

In the National Assembly, Parliamentarians had argued that once one died, the deceased family was free from supporting individuals who were being helped by that person.

The Succession Bill was signed alongside two other bills namely the Refugees Bill and the Foreign Service Bill.

Uhuru also signed the new Refugees Act, which had earlier been referred back to Parliament for reconsideration, strengthening the management of refugees by consolidating provisions of several international legal instruments.

Back in September, Uhuru had rejected the Refugee Bill that would have forced the State to provide refugees with housing and amenities at special transit centres.

The Refugee Bill of 2019 had sought to compel the Interior ministry and counties to provide transit centres— temporary housing centres— for refugees and asylum seekers but did not include detention centres.

Aerial view of Daadab refugee camp. /AP

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