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Muthoni Wa Mukiri’s Plum YouTube Earnings After Inooro TV Exit (VIDEO)

The former Inooro TV news anchor has managed to amass over 54,000 subscribers in just 8 months of starting her channel.

Media personality Muthoni wa Mukiri opened the lid on how much she earns through streaming platform YouTube following her exit from Inooro TV as a news anchor in December 2020.

One of her videos uploaded on Wednesday, May 5 offered viewers a detailed insight of how she has been using her platform to propel herself further.

“The most money I have made in a month on YouTube was in March when I made Ksh65,000. The other months I made Ksh35,000, Ksh20,000 and I have also made Ksh12,000,” she intimated.

“You can even make Ksh1 million per month, you can also make Ksh 10,000. It is not consistent and that’s why you should not quit your daily income to focus on YouTube. People with very many subscribers get to a point where they are making Ksh1 million a month or Ksh500,000 but you have to start from somewhere,” she added

The former Inooro TV news anchor has managed to amass over 54,000 subscribers in just 8 months of starting her channel.

The majority of Muthoni’s earnings on YouTube comes from adverts placed on videos by the platform.

This is enabled through the YouTube partner program which enables content creators to monetize their videos on the platform once they hit the minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

Creators can make money from ads that appear in their videos as well as from YouTube Premium viewers who watch their content.

Many Kenyans particularly media personalities have begun heavily investing in content creation on the video platform amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and gauge their huge social media following to boost the performance of their content on YouTube.

Brands have been approaching YouTubers more often to drive attention of their brands to a wider audience through product placements and adverts.

“You can also get product placements or advertise brands for other people, for example, if your friend is selling clothes you can mention them and they give you something small. People also make money that way but I don’t do a lot of those because my content is a bit different. For me it’s the long game,” she added. 

Mukiri has invested in a Macbook laptop, a flagship Samsung phone, ring lighting, as well as improving her editing skills.

“When I was starting I had someone editing for me so I used to pay them every month but after three months I realised I couldn’t keep up,” she explained. 

YouTube recently announced plans to deduct United States (US) taxes from payments made to all creators, including Kenyan YouTubers and those living outside the American nation.

The new tax is set to affect Kenyan content creators, most of whom have continued to earn millions of shillings in the midst of consumption of online content hitting its highest notes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Viral Tea spoke to several content creators in the country who criticized Google’s decision, further arguing that they do not reside in the U.S, and therefore would not be benefiting from the taxes they will pay to the foreign country.

Aside from content creation, Muthoni owns Mukiri Hair Hub, a startup of hers that specialises in premium wigs as well as human hair.

That startup has attracted premium customers from Citizen TV news anchor Mashirima Kapombe to comedian Teacher Wanjiku, Kirinyaga Woman Representative Purity Ngirici and Kameme FM presenter Wambui Muturi.

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