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My Colleague In Wanjigi’s Office Needs Medical Help- Eric Omondi (VIDEO)

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Comedian Eric Omondi has revealed that one of his colleagues is holed up in businessman and presidential aspirant Jimi Wanjigi’s offices in Westlands, Nairobi in need of urgent medical attention.

He was seen addressing journalists outside Wanjigi’s offices while weighing in on the night raid by armed officers at his office the previous night. In 2021, he claimed to be spearheading the businessman’s presidential campaigns.

Captioning a video he shared on Instagram, Omondi cried foul by revealing that the people at the office’s compound were going through terrible conditions and had not eaten anything for 16 hours.

He added that there was a colleague of his who is in urgent need of medical attention in the office and that the doctor was barred from accessing the offices.

“I can’t believe this is still happening in 2022. This is a shame to Kenya and Africa at Large. The people in this compound have been subjected to the most inhumane of conditions. They have not eaten anything for 16 hours.

“There is a lady colleague of ours whose life is in danger because she needs to take her medicine. The doctor is out here and she would not be allowed in,” he lamented.

He begged the officers to let her out so that she can be attended to.

“We are begging them to at least let her out so she can get urgent medical attention,” he begged.

Meanwhile, police officers had lobbed teargas to disperse youth protesting outside Wanjigi’s offices. The youth, who were Wanjigi’s supporters, had camped outside the offices from Tuesday morning, January 18, under the watch of the armed officers, demanding to see him.

Viral Tea had learnt at the time that Wanjigi has been holed up in the offices since the raid the previous night in the company of the officers. He is expected to address journalists regarding the raid on his Kwacha Group of Companies today.

Speaking to the media earlier on, Wanjigi narrated that the DCI officers had raided his homes looking for him with the intent of taking him in for questioning.

He narrated that the officers who were armed had stormed his offices donning full protective gear similar to the ones used by medical officers especially during the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

Wanjigi added that they did not want to wait for his lawyers but wanted him to go to the DCI headquarters to record a statement.

“This evening at around 9.30 we were told that CID are at the gate. They were asked what they want and they said they just want me. They were asked what it is about, whether they can see a lawyer, they said No.

“They got in, opened the gate and surrounded the compound. They were disguised from head to toe in white clothing and were carrying assault rifles. They said to two of my lawyers who had arrived that they want me to go to CID to record a statement. We don’t know a statement for what and that really doesn’t matter because I don’t think this is the way to come at me,” he narrated.

Wanjigi also believed that the night raid had something to do with comments he made over the weekend during his presidential bid campaigns where he poked holes at some top political figures.

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