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Nairobi Expressway: Govt Puts Up Barriers, CCTV To Protect Parliament

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The government has moved to protect the Parliament buildings from security threats that may arise with the trial run of the Nairobi Expressway.

The elevated road towers above and passes over as well as near the August House, making it a vantage point for criminals including terrorists to easily hit them.

National Assembly’s Transport and Public Works Committee chairman David Pkosing carried out inspections on the barriers erected on the Ksh87.9 billion road to safeguard the buildings from any form of attacks from a vantage point.

Transport Committee Chairman David Pkosing inspecting the security barrier next to Parliament buildings. /DAILY NATION

The barrier will also safeguard the House from the noise of several passing cars that may disrupt any ongoing sessions.

He added that the road will be under CCTV watch, with a command centre set up to monitor security operations on the Expressway.

“This road will be under 24/7 surveillance from the command centre, so that issue has been treated or erased, and the second element is the security barrier, which is also a noise barrier, so that when Parliament is in session, then there is no noise,” he told MPs.

He also assured them that the Ministry of Transport promised to enforce a ‘no stopping’ rule on the road.

The committee also confirmed that the road below the Expressway would be revamped this financial year after Kenyans complained with regards to the poor drainage during its construction.

Kitutu Masaba MP Shadrack Mose in February defined the August house as a key installation in the country, thus should be accorded the maximum security, with arrangements required to be put in place to carry out construction near the precincts of the House as it is in the US and UK.

Endebes MP Robert Pukose backed up his sentiments by lamenting that a terrorist could easily hit Parliament with a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) from the elevated platform, calling for the erection of a perimeter wall as well as placing General Service Unit (GSU) officers on patrol along the highway to maintain the state of security.

Another installation that was forced to reconfigure its security plans, especially in areas facing the elevated road is Villa Rosa Kempinski.

Hotel director of sales Judy Matengo revealed that the hotel is planning to set up a bulletproof glass barrier to the swimming pool that faces the road.

CCTV screens at the command center on Mombasa Road which will monitor security operations on the road. /DAILY NATION

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