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Nairobi Man Surprises New Girlfriend During Road Trip

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There is a written rule amongst men; when a woman tells you “I don’t do ABC”, just put in your head that she won’t do it with you. Women are picky when it comes to breaking rules for men…anyway, that’s a story for another time.

I was busy jotting down my work plans for the week when I received a very random, yet very familiar knock on my door. I work from home usually and the last thing I needed was my next-door neighbour named Brian (I call him Brayo) knocking at my door with a weekend plan from out of the blues.

However, Brayo, on opening the door, had an unusual gleaming smile on his face this time around. No man smiles like the world will swallow them alive tomorrow, so in this case, it could mean one thing.

“You guy my guy! I have to tell you a story, it’s about this shawry (woman) I met, the one I told you about last month,” he excitedly began. I didn’t even need to do some deep recall to know exactly who he was talking about.

Her name was Joan, a quite attractive brown-skinned woman whom I eyed for a few days in the past before I handed the mantle over to my friend. Every time she smiled at me, I was very close to colliding head-on with the first human being walking opposite me or spilling my coffee on the table easily while on campus.

Women dancing in a Night club. /FILE

Attempts to woo her no doubt had hit a snag. There’s a way women just wake up and drop interest in a man, something even masculinity gurus like Amerix (Eric Amunga) are still at a loss to explain every Saturday during the #MasculinitySaturday sessions on Twitter.

I was left with one option, hand her over to Brayo who worked wonders! A girl like that, I thought, cannot be won over in a matter of minutes…making him one of the few men in my circle to do so.

You see, Brayo has something very few men have; money. His parents are crazy-rich, he lives in Runda, and his car, despite not being his (it is his father’s) turns heads on campus. Every time he would come to me to narrate how he took himself to Nakuru, Naivasha, Mombasa, Eldoret etc for a weekend, just on vacation.

They say 10 per cent of men can guarantee what 80 per cent of Nairobi women want in a man these days, and Brayo, being in that 10 per cent, made sweeping Joan off her feet as easy as ABC. Now, they are dating…to be specific, the relationship is now on its fifth day.

Brayo sat me down and began his tale from the bottom up. What we had to spice up his interesting tales was a can of beers I had just purchased from the supermarket with the expectation that I would have a quiet week.

This past weekend, his father had travelled out of the country, meaning he was left with the car to do anything he wanted with it except damage it in any way. However, unlike his peers who would take their girlfriends on senseless ‘tokelezea‘ trips, his road trip with Joan had a different twist to it.

For instance, nobody wakes up in the wee hours of a Saturday morning to travel for approximately three hours on road to Nanyuki. Brayo did, and I had to ask why.

During his random explorations, he ran into a group discussion that was examining real estate trends right now…I know, it’s crazy for students of one of the top international universities in Kenya to talk about real estate, but as the slogan by English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur indicates ‘To Dare Is To Do’.

Brayo was welcomed by the group after he had to ask permission to sit with them. This is not high school where cliques are restricted, that is, the rich and cool kids sit separately; this is a university where you could walk into any group regardless of social status and sit…as well as contribute…to avoid looking weird.

One of the members mentioned how prime land in Nanyuki was becoming. When there is prime land, there exist investment opportunities, especially with many Nairobians looking to retire away from the foggy and noisy city.

Another weighed in and talked so passionately about the town, especially the equator marker, his favourite stop-over point anytime he drives to the Laikipia County town.

“One crosses it when approaching Nanyuki on the A2 from the south. The marker is thus popular with tourists who have themselves photographed there.

Some people are usually at hand to show them the supposed effect of the Coriolis force, which they say makes draining water swirl clockwise or anticlockwise depending on whether one is in the northern or southern hemisphere,” he said.

One of the silent members mentioned the British Army Training Unit- Kenya (BATUK), which has a base there. One would call Nanyuki one of the safest towns in the country because it hosts the British Army, whose barracks enable them to conduct infantry exercises in Laikipia and on Kenyan Ministry of Defense land at Archer’s Post.

But it was the loudest of them all who mentioned land, coupled with a glorious atmosphere to a touch of elegance which has seen a few friends I know of convert to holiday homes. Brayo was suddenly lit up.

A house with Mt Kenya in the background at a ranch in Nanyuki. /MARVIN CHEGE.VIRALTEAKE

He had to branch off the discussion to head to class. Later on, his mother called to instruct him to shop for a few essential items and the only supermarket that was closest to him while he was driving around Garden Estate was along Thika Road.

He strategically parked his car and looked up to see a sign that enticed him. This billboard sign was leading up to Nyota Njema Real Estate Limited.

Brayo quickly shopped for the items, loaded them into the car, and asked the watchman for the location of the office and he huffed and puffed up the stairs as he was on a strict promise to keep off the lifts. “I want to get fit, my guy,” he would say.

He found the offices open and curiously decided to walk in where he met a receptionist who was a darling in his eyes to look at. When you are dating, suddenly every woman you meet becomes attracted to you.

Following Brayo’s conversation with one of the sales agents and the CEO, he learnt of a site visit to Nanyuki on the horizon…which is where Joan came in.

He secretly paid Ksh4,000, that is a Ksh2,000 commitment fee which he would get back upon purchase of the 1/8 acre of land. One for him and one for Joan.

Brayo then invited her to his house (parent’s house) for dinner, just one hour after his father left for the airport. During their alone time, he explained to her that she would be spending the night as they will need to be up very early to drive to Nanyuki, a surprise she didn’t see coming.

Joan thought it was a one-of-a-kind road trip, one her previous boyfriend did not think of and not because he was broke (he was twice as rich).

Anyway, D-Day arrived and she was just as lively as she was when the two cuddled each other to sleep. I’m seated, sipping my beer and thinking “She must be treating him good!”

The couple left their house, cruised past the bypass and Garden Estate and stopped in front of Thika Road Mall (TRM), where the Nyota Njema staff were waiting. Together, off they went on a drive of three hours to Nanyuki, and a couple more to the farm.

Joan had seen marvels across the country, but never would she have imagined looking at this one up close. The land was lush-green, trees previously planted along the fence sprouting to their young selves…soon they will be real trees.

The walk around was exhaustive, but she didn’t care. All she wanted was to take it all in; there is so much peace there compared to the honking she normally deals with in her car every day.

It gets better. As Brayo explained “It is a 20-minute drive from Nanyuki town and is near an upcoming conservancy. There is a shopping centre and a school as well as water and electricity on-site, ample security and beautiful scenery.”

After viewing the land, they stopped at a restaurant to feast on nyama choma, provided freely by the real estate firm.

Now try to imagine Joan’s reaction when Brayo told her “I’ll buy this land, for us”.

A Nyota Njema Real Estate advert. /NYOTA NJEMA

Brayo had Ksh250,000 cash ready to settle the cost of the land. Before I asked the source of the funds, he informed me that he had told his father about a discussion he had with the group back on campus about real estate and convinced him to help him invest…that was after a LONG talk about the matter.

A few drinks later, Brayo and I went to the club for a night out and I made sure I was not alone when he brought Joan along. An attractive lady that had been harassing my DMs for a while wanted to spend time with me, and I had to set aside a day out of my rigorous schedule to do so.

The next day, I used the details I obtained from Brayo’s conversation to do my own research on Nyota Njema:

“In 2018, Nyota Njema Started as Nyota Njema Homes Ltd, selling and letting out on behalf of other people’s properties. In December of the same year, we changed our name from Nyota Njema Homes limited to Nyota Njema Real Estate to widen our portfolio in the property industry.

“In the month of May 2019, Our C.E.O resigned from employment and focused his energy on the company, that was a bold move that came with its fair share of consequences,” read their bio in part.

“We got our first breakthrough sale in December from some BNI friends who requested we get our own land and they will support us. We ventured out to offer investment opportunities in Nanyuki. The company acquired its first one and half acres in Nanyuki talked to the owner and settled on a payment plan that was to be done by the end of the month. Our CEO took the clients to the site, they loved the location and booked 15 plots while he had 12 plots, for once he had a good problem at hand. With excitement, he told one of his friends about the deal he got and guess what! The friend went behind his back bought the land and asked him to bring the customers and he will give him a commission.”

I was satisfied with what I found. At a less busy hour, I picked up my phone and called 0728 694916, the number Brayo gave me in the event I showed interest.

I was proud of Brayo’s new move…with his new girlfriend. Many of his peers in his calibre would treat their women to vacations in Mombasa and Naivasha, two now-obvious places Nairobians would go especially during the festive season.

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