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Nairobi Pastor To Circle 30,000KM Around Africa’s Coastline By Motorbike

A pastor based in Nairobi is set to make history as the first person ever to make a trip around the coastline of the African continent, a total of over 30,000 kilometres.

Nick Korir, a senior pastor at the Nairobi Chapel along Ngong Road, announced that he plans to make the landmark trip having covered 23,000 kilometres to South Africa and back.

He will use his motorcycle to cover the coastline of the entire continent, beginning from Mombasa, Kenya in April 2025 to circumnavigate the continent and return to Mombasa in September 2025, a period of six months.

A map showing the outline of Africa’s coastline. /QUORA

“For the first time in history, an African Motorcycle Rider will make a historic trip round the Coastline of Africa (30,000Kms) from Mombasa and back to Mombasa, in 6 Months from April 2025 – September 2025,” Korir wrote on social media.

He added that he will visit 50 key cities along the massive coastline as part of his 50th birthday celebrations.

“The key highlight of the trip will be visiting 50 key cities along the coastline of Africa as I celebrate my 50th birthday on 30th September 2025,” he added.

During his trip, Korir will aim to reach the four key points of the African continent;

  1. Northern: Al-Ghīrān Point, near Al-Abyaḍ Point (Cape Blanc), Tunisia

2. Southern: Cape Agulhas, South Africa

3. Eastern: Xaafuun (Hafun) Point, near Cape Gwardafuy (Guardafui), Somalia

4. Western: Almadi Point (Pointe des Almadies), on Cape Verde (Cap Vert), Senegal.

Pastor Nick is an Adventure Motorcycle Rider and passionately rides across Africa to raise funds to provide educational scholarships for needy students in High Schools and Universities in Kenya through Nairobi Chapel’s LOGOS Scholarship Fund.

He also serves as a chaplain among the biker community and founding chair of Motorcycle Kenya – the national association for private bikers in Kenya.

Pastor Korir holds a BSc. Appropriate Technology Degree and an MA. Leadership Studies Degree. After working for ADRA in South Sudan, he later went on to become Youth Pastor at Immanuel AGC (Kericho); Africa Director of Global Youth Ministry Network; Teens Pastor at Nairobi Baptist Church, Youth Pastor at Parklands Baptist Church and Youth Pastor at Nairobi Chapel.

He, later on, took up the role of Executive Pastor of Nairobi Chapel in 2013 and finally Senior Pastor in December 2017.

He began his biking journey as far back as 2009 when he was gifted a Yamaha Tenere 600 Cc by his wife on their fifth wedding anniversary.

During Kenya’s 50-year anniversary on December 12, 2013, the pastor organised a trip to South Africa and back, a distance of 23,000km through 12 African countries in about 50 days to raise funds for 50 school-going children.

Pastor Korir will attempt a journey easily classified among some of the world’s longest road trips, the longest being the Pan-American highway, which is the world’s longest motorable road according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Apart from the 100-km-long Darien Gap, the highway links most of the nations of North and South America and covers a total of 48,000 kilometres.

Nairobi Chapel senior pastor Nick Korir with his motorbike. /FILE

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