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Nelson Havi Replaced At LSK

The Law Society of Kenya has unveiled the replacement of its President Nelson Havi in its latest wave of changes.

The LSK branch caucus announced Linda Kiome, the chair of Mt Kenya Branch Caucus, to take over Havi’s responsibilities as president of the society.

The caucus will take charge of LSK until the expiry of the existing regime in March.

Linda Kiome, the chair of Mt Kenya Branch Caucus at LSK. /FILE

Havi announced in 2021 that he would leave LSK to focus on his political ambitions. He struck a deal with Deputy President William Ruto as he seeks the Westlands MP seat under the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) in the 2022 general elections.

A High Court order had nullified the suspension of CEO Mercy Wambua and other council members, additionally requiring the LSK to call a meeting within 21 days.

“In our meeting today (January 11), we received confirmation from the LSK Secretariat that the Council has been unable to convene a meeting in compliance with the directions given by the court. In default thereof and pursuant to the said decision, the Branch Chairs Caucus has with effect from the 11th January 2022 taken charge of the role of the Council for the remainder of the term of the Council,” read a statement in part by the LSK on Tuesday, January 11.

The Branch Chairs Caucus also took note of Justice Mrima’s decision that “If council remains dysfunctional and not able to conduct business, the Chairs Caucus shall take over the functions of the council with the Chair of the Branch exercising powers of the president of LSK for the remainder of the term”.

The Caucus also resolved to hold a meeting at the LSK Secretariat offices on Thursday, January 13 to discuss the management of the society with a view of ensuring the smooth running of the secretariat and delivery of services to members.

Kiome will be assisted in carrying out the responsibilities by:

1.Mathew Nyabena (Coast Branch, Caucus Vice-Chair)

2. Justus Mutia (South Eastern Branch, Caucus Secretary)

3. Eric Theuri ( Nairobi Branch, Caucus Treasurer)

4. Sussy Rautto (West Kenya Branch, Caucus Deputy Secretary)

5. Henry Kenei (North Rift Branch, Caucus Deputy Treasurer)

6. John Ochang’ (Rift Valley Branch, Caucus Practice Secretary)

7. Wilkins Ochoki (South West Branch, Caucus Welfare Secretary)

Nelson Havi addressing journalists. /KBC DIGITAL

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