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‘Nitakufinya’ Man Sues 3 Companies Abusing His Brand

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Matendechere filed a lawsuit before the High Court through his lawyer Professor Tom Ojienda seeking to be compensated by the corporate organisations that used both the image and the phrase. 

Aron Asiiba Matendechere, the man behind the Nitakufinya (I’ll deal with you) video that turned him into an overnight celebrity has gone after three companies in copyright claims over misusing his image.

Matendechere filed a lawsuit before the High Court through his lawyer Professor Tom Ojienda seeking to be compensated by the corporate organisations that used both the image and the phrase. 

“Void of consent from the applicant to enable the respondent to act in such contemptuous manner amounts to an invasion of his privacy through misappropriation of his identity or likeness or persona,” read part of his court statement as seen by The Standard

The lawyer argued that a false impression was created when the three corporate bodies; a local bank, a state corporation dealing with cereals, and an iron sheets manufacturer in Ruiru used his image and tagline as a marketing strategy.

Lawyer Professor Tom Ojienda. /CITIZEN DIGITAL

Most of his close friends and families thought he was now rich, following the move, but he has since disowned the beliefs, revealing that he had not received compensation. 

“The said actions have subjected me to psychological torture because the society, peers, associates, family, business partners and affiliates now perceive me to have gained financially.  

“From the advertisements. I am living with apprehension that my creditors are on the verge of recovering their debts,” argues Matendechere in the application.  

Matendechere added that the video had made him a celebrity in one night, something he enjoys, bashing the corporate bodies that ran with the phrase during the sensation time as they had not acquired authority. 

“An image or likeness and persona can only be inherent to one person. Unless this honourable court grants the application as herein prayed, the petitioner will continue to suffer the complained violation in a manner that cannot be compensated by way of damages,” adds Matendechere, defending his claim. 

The viral video was traced to a K24 TV investigative exposé in 2013 that shone the light on illegal power connections in informal settlements. The main focus in this case was the Mukuru kwa Njenga slum in Nairobi County.

Charles Musyoka told a reporter assigned to the story that electricity wires had been the main source of danger amongst residents owing to the fact that they had been left naked.

“Everyone here uses the illegal connections, I was once electrocuted and it affected my hands,” he narrated before he was interrupted by a man who was part of a crowd behind him.

The crowd had appeared concerned that his revelation was likely to bring them into the crosshairs of a crackdown by the government and the Kenya Power Company which has tried and failed to cut the irregular connections. Matendechere was irked by Musyoka’s statements and could be heard issuing threats to witnesses.

Asiongee mambo ya stima, aongee mambo ingine. Mambo ya stima wachia watu wa stima waongee. Ongea unataka serikali akupee kazi (Stop talking about electricity matters. Let the people involved speak about it. Ask the government to give you a job),” he fired.

Musyoka retailiated by stating that “mimi niko na kazi‘” (I have a job). 

Matendechere then walked away, but with a stern warning that would become the viral phrase now known to Kenyans everywhere.

Nitakufinya (I’ll deal with you), to which Musyoka responded by daring him to live up to his threat.

Screengrab of the Nitakufinya video that went viral. /YOUTUBE

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