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NTV Most Preferred Amongst Kenyan Youth- Report

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Nation Media Group (NMG)’s TV station NTV has emerged as the most-watched TV station amongst Kenya’s young population, a new survey by GeoPoll has revealed.

According to the report drawn from data within the first quota of the year beginning January to March 2022, the station was ranked alongside the likes of Mediamax’s K24 and Kiss TV as the channels youth between the ages of 15 and 24 prefer to watch more than anything else.

The station has been investing in bringing informative content that attracts the youth, from its witty and hilarious headlines that have sparked conversations to its riveting exposes that have forced the government to take action on the perpetrators involved as antagonists in a number of their stories.

The station has been recently bringing in high-wattage anchors from rival media houses to ready itself for intense coverage that comes with the upcoming 2022 general elections.

NTV anchor Mark Masai anchoring a bulletin in May 2020. /FILE

Maisha Magic East, KTN News, and Al Jazeera were the most popular among the 25 to 34-year-olds, while InooroTV, Citizen TV, and KBC were the go-to TV channels for the older populations (35+).

NTV still has a long way to go to eclipse the likes of Citizen TV, the most-watched station in the whole country in general at 24 per cent. It follows with 9.5 per cent, only besting Standard Media Group (SMG) channels such as KTN and KTN News.

“Citizen TV continued to dominate the Kenyan airwaves, with an overall share of 24%. NTV (9.5%) had the second-largest share, followed by The Standard Group’s sister channels – KTN and KTN News – and K24.

“Inooro TV (4.8%) and Al Jazeera (3.84%) were the only vernacular and international channels, respectively, among the top ten channels by viewership,” read the statement by Geopoll in part.

The Royal Media Services (RMS) station also ruled in terms of viewership of its 9.00 pm news programs, with the most-watched weekly segment in Kenya being Newsnight by anchor Managing Editor for Multimedia, Waihiga Mwaura.

This is because the interviewer is known for his straightforward questions that have been known to rattle the conscience of politicians and other individuals of national interest brought as guests to the shows, that at times form nationwide conversations the following day.

The news programs were the most popular, with an average daily share of 30.5 per cent, rising to the highest on Tuesday (33.2 per cent). NTV had the second largest segment of viewers between 9:00 and 10:00 pm, followed by KTN and KTN News.

Fast-rising TV station TV47 also broke into the Top 10, with 3 per cent saying they watched the relatively new channel during that time block.

Breaking the audience by gender, males were the bigger segment of viewers for all the Top TV channels in Kenya, apart from Inooro TV, where 56% of the viewers were female.

Kenyan Radio at a Glance

Between January and March 2022, Radio Citizen was the most listened to radio station, with a 10.2 per cent share of the radio audience in Kenya.

Radio Africa Group’s sister stations; Radio Jambo and Classic 105, followed closely with 8.7 per cent and 7.3 per cent of the audience respectively. Radio Maisha (7.2 per cent) and Kiss FM (6.9 per cent) completed the top five.

In terms of age group, NRG Radio (42 per cent), Kiss FM (39.9 per cent), and Hot 96 (37.1 per cent) were the most popular among the youngest age group (15-24).

The top radio stations in Kenya in 2022. /GEOPOLL

Radio listeners between 25 and 34 primarily tuned in to Radio Maisha (42.5 per cent), Classic 105 (40 per cent), and Radio Jambo (36.3 per cent). For the older audiences (35+), vernacular stations Kameme and Inooro were the two most listened to radio stations, followed by Radio Citizen and Radio Jambo.

Radio Citizen and Radio Jambo went head to head for the morning shows (between 6 and 10 am), sharing Monday to Saturday. Milele FM was the most listened to on Sunday mornings.

In the evening (between 4 and 8 pm), Radio Citizen was again the most popular with 10.3 per cent of the audience, followed by Radio Jambo (8.2 per cent) and Classic 105 (7.4 per cent).

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