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NTV’s Amina Abdi Issues Public Apology During Miss Mandi Saga

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NTV’s The Trend show host Amina Abdi on Friday, January 21 issued an apology during her live show after she was roped by Kenyans into the saga whereby former Capital FM presenter Mandi Sarro, alias Miss Mandi was exposed over bullying allegations.

For the latter part of this week, Abdi’s name was unexpectedly dragged into the saga whereby a section of ex-colleagues at both the radio station and at K24 had labelled her as toxic to work with.

While touching on the social media trends of the week, the discussion surrounding an array of media personalities whom Kenyans highlighted their horrible experiences working with them had named her in a scandal that sought to expose the flaws in the country’s media industry.

“This week KOT took to Twitter to give their thoughts on the matter with their usual humorous takes on this but I must say this week has not ended well for me and some of the names in the industry.

Media personality Amina Abdi. /INSTAGRAM

“It is very unfortunate that my name was dragged and pulled among some people who had a lot of receipts and proof that they are not easy to work with,” she recounted in part.

Abdi before issuing her apology read from her script what seemed like a life lesson to anyone who has the duty to accept full responsibility for their actions.

That lesson also included a self-introspection of what the person did wrong and how they can become a better person in the future.

“Before you can learn from any of your mistakes, you have to accept full responsibility for your role in any outcome. That can be very uncomfortable sometimes. Until you can say I messed up, you are not ready to change, you are not and it could be very challenging.

“While you do not want to dwell on your mistakes reflecting on them can be very productive, you have to ask yourself a couple of very tough questions, what exactly went wrong? What would I do better next time? What did I learn from this?” she began before highlighting the trending story.

While discussing with her colleagues on air, she termed her name being mentioned in the saga as an unfortunate event without credible proof before finally issuing her apology to anyone who felt that she was mean to them.

“My name being dragged in there is quite unfortunate, I mean if there is anyone out there who I have ever encountered who felt I was mean and I did not give them the kind of reception that they had expected, I apologize for that,” she concluded.

The expose by former Capital FM’s Koome Gitobu uncovered revelations about Miss Mandi that not only did she bully him but subjected him to torment, which dented his experience at the media house.

He added that she would summon the whole office to ridicule his fashion when he was unable to afford a lifestyle whereby the rich buy trendy fashion wear to stand out from the crowd. She also backbit him and clowned him for preparing his lunch at home and carrying it to work instead of ordering it from the fancy restaurants in the city.

Following the confession, many Kenyans unleashed their confessions on the matter, including Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami who recounted how she was subjected to hateful comments from Mandi while at a party at Onyx Club along Ngong Road, Nairobi.

“I’ve gone through my fair share of bile and hate from this person, and for absolutely no reason. Literally, on the first day we ever met before I became a “somebody,” they treated me so bad.

“We were at Onyx Club for a mutual friend’s birthday, I will never forget it. I’ve kept my distance ever since, but I always knew the day would come. P.S: Her friends are really sweet and amazing! I hope they can help her be a kinder person. Keep shining, and keep your head up!” read her reply.

The saga is now expected to shake up the media industry with more Kenyans coming out to narrate their experiences working in the offices of some of the top media houses. Miss Mandi meanwhile is yet to issue an official response.

Former Capital FM Presenter Miss Mandi preparing food in the kitchen. /INSTAGRAM.MISSMANDI

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