Please Forgive Me- Harmonize To Sarah Michelotti (VIDEO)

Harmonize stated that the word 'sorry' was the only thing he could offer her after four blissful years spent together. 

Please Forgive Me- Harmonize To Sarah Michelotti (VIDEO)

Tanzanian singer Rajab Abdul, alias Harmonize has begged ex-wife and Italian-Tanzanian model Sarah Michelotti for forgiveness following their failed marriage.

While performing in his new track Sorry live on ceek, Harmonize stated that the word 'sorry' was the only thing he could offer her after four blissful years spent together. 

"I am sorry, I am lonely, I worry for you," he addressed in the song. 

Harmonize went on to express his plea to Sarah saying it would have been so foolish of him to continue denying his blood by keeping his illegitimate child a secret.

Harmonize performing his new song 'Sorry'. /INSTAGRAM

“This is the story of my life. I’ve been hiding my beautiful daughter for the last one year, this is crazy! I love you my daughter wherever you are. 

“I’m sorry is the only Word I can use for the one beautiful woman who gave me four years of her life, Not to mention I was the problem. God brought me my firstborn and that was the end of our union.”  

“Yes, I slid and I asked for forgiveness but it would be foolish of me if I went on to hide my child. Love and respect, this one is for you.”

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The divorce between Michelotti and Harmonize took a new twist in March after she sought a court order demanding an equal share of all the properties they acquired during the tenure of their relationship. She added that she is in the final stages of her divorce with the Konde Boy star.

“I decided to leave because Harmonize changed a lot last year starting in March. He used to leave me alone at home and at night he sleeps outside without telling me, he started to disrespect me and the situation became very bad.

"So I went back to Italy in July 2020 during Corona. I stayed in Italy for two months but he never asked me to come back" said Sarah in part.

The singer broke up with his Italian wife in December 2020, barely two years into their marriage.

Harmonize and Sarah Michelotti during their wedding in 2018. /FILE

Michelotti had pointed out that Harmonize was a liar unappreciative of those who helped him. In addition, the artist siring a child with another woman was, according to her, termed as the main cause of the breakup.

Harmonize then hooked up with Bongo movie star Frida Kajala but that too was cut short after only two months after it emerged that he was seducing Kajala's daughter, Paula Kajala.

Meanwhile not much is known about the Italian woman in terms of age. However, her personality and lavish lifestyle can be easily deciphered just by combing through her Instagram profile.

She has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram as of Saturday, March 20, with many netizens taking note of her due to her curves and gorgeous body, which she isn't afraid to flaunt. She exudes confidence in front of the camera and prefers to model in short dresses, tight skirts, and pants as well as bikinis.

She offered an indication of moving on from dramatically ending her relationship with Harmonize after being spotted getting comfortable with her new Caucasian boyfriend. Michelotti took to social media to reveal the identity of her new man but swiftly deleted it amid fears that it would instantly go viral.

However, Viral Tea traced his identity to Manuelsante Panzera, who prefers to keep a low profile and posts numeorusly photos of him shirtless with a well-built body, an indication that he hits the gym. He resides in San Felice Circeo, a town and comune in the province of Latina, in the Lazio region of central Italy.

Image of Harmonize's ex-wife Sarah Michelotti. /INSTAGRAM