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Popular Writer Pens Bold Tweet To Kiss FM’s Jalang’o

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Kiss FM presenter Felix Odiwuor, alias Jalang’o, is the latest media personality to draw controversy on Twitter amidst fears amongst the media industry of intricate details being exposed to the public in the wake of the saga surrounding former Capital FM presenter Mandi Sarro, alias Miss Mandi.

Kenyan author Collins Sakwah Ongoma, famed for his literary works in the form of novels and short threads on the platform, unleashed his guns on the morning show host, accusing him of using his work during his shows without giving credit to him.

Ongoma highlighted how the radio presenter, who is also eyeing the Lang’ata parliamentary seat, has been celebrating the growth of content creators and that he resorted to picking their pieces of work while among the top entertainers in the country, without crediting them.

Kiss FM presenters Jalang’o and Kamene Goro. /INSTAGRAM

He accused Jalang’o of using his work on his radio show where he is known for earning a bumper salary while he works on how he can reach for the stars that the comedian already enjoys.

“You have been vocal about content creators growing in Kenya and making a living from their work. How comes that after you have reached the pinnacle of the entertainment industry in Kenya, you become a content scavenger who picks people’s work without crediting them?

“You picked my work, used it on a radio show which you are going to make a hefty pocket from, while I, an entertainer at the foot of the entertainment high tower, struggle and wonder how I am going to get to the top of the tower, where you sit,” read his thread in part.

Ongoma added that he was pained owing to the manner in which Jalang’o, alongside his co-host Kamene Goro, had referred to him. The presenter had casually acknowledged the author’s story as “a thread from this guy” during their show on Wednesday, January 19.

He further expressed that his work was used for the financial gain of the presenters and the brand.

“I have dreamt of reaching your heights one day, and I can’t reach your height if you use your height advantage against me, to your advantage and to my detriment. Be the champion of content creators that you loudly advocate for,” he concluded in his thread.

Jalang’o had recently drawn controversy owing to comments he made regarding the private lives of Kenyan musicians Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami, comments he refused to take back. This prompted a response from the latter, who boldly countered claims by the comedian that she is expecting a child with Arrow Bwoy.

“I don’t care how many people gas you up, whatever you did was wrong. If it was a blogger, promoter or fan, I wouldn’t care, but you invite someone to your personal space then the next thing that follows is you’re trying to justify it and say you are not sorry?

“I’m offended but if I ever meet you I’ll tell you my peace of mind, one on one,” she fired.

Meanwhile, Miss Mandi, at the time of publication, is yet to issue a response to allegations made by Koome Gitobu, who revealed that he worked alongside her at the radio station. He exposed her by revealing that not only did she bully him but subjected him to torment, which dented his experience.

Former Capital FM Presenter Miss Mandi preparing food in the kitchen. /INSTAGRAM.MISSMANDI

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