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Relaunch In 30 Days Or I Quit- Sabina Chege To Jubilee

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Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege has issued demands to the ruling Jubilee party to relaunch itself or she will ditch the party.

The Kieleweke Member of Parliament (MP) told journalists on Thursday, January 6 that the party was running out of time to issue directions ahead of the 2022 General Elections, which are eight months away.

Expressing her tiredness of waiting for the party to rebrand, she added that many politicians, including herself, had delayed printing posters ahead of the campaigns as the party had taken too long to rebrand itself.

Muranga Women Representative, Sabina Chege. /PEOPLE DAILY

“Jubilee should give us direction. They should relaunch so we can start campaigning. We cannot even print posters because the party is constraining us,” she urged.

Chege added that they were running out of time and with long delays in rebranding, the more likely they would seek other options.

“If they continue wasting time then we will be forced to seek alternatives because we are running out of time. We want to have a proper direction when it reaches February,” she demanded.

Chege also noted that leaders will be chosen by the Mt Kenya region and not parties. The two-term MP is reported to be seeking the Murang’a Governor seat to replace current Governor Mwangi wa Iria, although she is yet to make official her bid.

“In February, I will make an announcement and reveal the party which I will use to contest and all other things. This time around, we will choose an individual with a good track record.

“I have been involved in national politics but this time around, you will see me with my people in the village and they will help me know what direction I will go,” she went on.

Chege added that she was a prayerful person and that she will wait for guidance from the Holy Spirit regarding which party to join.

She has also already declared her support for Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga’s presidential ambitions, adding that she no longer fears being associated with him.

“Initially we were told that Raila is not even a human. We were all very much afraid of him. But now we have had access to him, he is a very polite person. He has come out as a very good family man, a person who is very considerate about other people and a down-to-earth person,” she said.

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