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Release The Four Youths- DP Ruto

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Deputy President William Ruto has demanded the National Police Service (NPS) to release the four youths who were arrested on Wednesday, December 8 for disrupting his meeting in Kisii County and heckling him.

Taking to his social media pages on Thursday, December 9, Ruto, in a detailed statement demanded the release of the youths and all those who were apprehended during the chaos at Itibo market in Kisii County.

He also called upon the NPS to direct their powers towards the politicians who sponsored the chaos and arrest them for interrupting his gathering.

DP Ruto further called for reasoning on how best to secure Kenya’s future so that everyone in the country is catered for.

A woman being led away by police officers at Itibo market on December 7, 2021. /TWITTER.NATION BREAKING

“It is an invitation, not to fight or quarrel or heckle or riot, but to reason together on the best way to secure a prosperous future for Kenya that leaves no one behind.

“Likewise, we tell the law enforcers that as long as they are not going to charge the sponsors of these primitive activities, the young people should be spared from the unnecessary harassment and prosecution,” he wrote in part.

He further blamed his opponents for hiring the youth to disrupt his meeting but did not mention who the opponents were.

The second-in-command urged the youth to desist from being used by politicians as tools to scupper the campaigns of their rivals and set them up for framing.

“I call on the youth to shun divisive activities and political errands aimed at further marginalising them and setting them up for blame and sanction,” he urged.

Ruto revealed that the youth have been disproportionately burdened by all negative outcomes of the current top-down governance which includes poverty, unemployment, inequality, injustice, police brutality, extrajudicial killings and diminished access to opportunity.

Conversely, he lamented that they are equally poorly represented in leadership and opportunities to meaningfully participate in positive change and governance.

DP Ruto’s Hustler Nation movement has been playing a key role in identifying significant youth empowerment as an urgent priority and key commitment of the bottom-up policy and political framework. The youth, he praised, are drivers of a dynamic, future-oriented, opportunity-focused movement aimed at empowering Kenyans in their millions.

Justifying his move, he explained that the youth have been frustrated by the aforementioned issues which have made them easy targets for people to use them in unlawful acts.

“It is no surprise that those driving exclusive top-down model of governance find no place for youth, except to deploy them on retrogressive errands as witnessed in some of our meetings including today’s successful tour of Kisii County. This active marginalisation of the youth is a characteristic of the old regressive order that has frustrated Kenya’s progress and extinguished countless opportunities to achieve meaningful prosperity,” he noted.

Ruto was in Kisii where he held six rallies in five constituencies in attempts to win over the support of residents before the deadline of Thursday, December 9 for fundraisers.

The arrests came just a day after the second-in-command had lost his patience and chased away a section of hecklers from his meeting in Laikipia County.

Ruto was passing on the message of his bottom-up economic model when he was booed off by the hecklers, flaring up his anger in the process. His efforts to quiet them down proved fruitless as he engaged in a scuffle between them and the hecklers, verbally.

“Stop this foolishness and set up your own meeting. No, we will not accept. Did you come here to make noise for us? Let us be disciplined, don’t come to my meeting to heckle,” Ruto interrupted his speech to boldly stand up to them.

Police officers rush to contain the chaos at Itibo market on December 7, 2021. /TWITTER.NATION BREAKING

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