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Ruto Allies Urge Boycotting of Citizen TV

They cited a story aired during the Sunday Live bulletin at 9 pm regarding the protests that turned chaotic on Sunday prior to the DP’s visit to Kieni, Nyeri County for a church service.

Citizen TV for the entirety of Sunday night, September 5, and Monday morning, September 6 found itself on the crosshairs of an uproar by allies of Deputy President William Ruto who hit out at the Royal Media Services (RMS) station over biased reporting against him. 

They cited a story aired during the Sunday Live bulletin at 9 pm regarding the protests that turned chaotic on Sunday prior to the DP’s visit to Kieni, Nyeri County for a church service.

The report had alleged that a group of rowdy youth stoned DP Ruto’s convoy as they opposed his visit to the Kieni constituency. The allies particularly took the headline Nyeri Mobs Stone Ruto with a sour taste in their mouth, claiming that their videos did not correspond to their headline as no such occurrence took place.

Citizen TV’s headline on Sunday, September 5, 2021, that alleged rowdy youths stoned DP Ruto’s convoy. /FILE

“Citizen TV please show us the clip of the stoning incident, please,” Soy Member of Parliament and Ruto’s de facto spokesperson, Caleb Kositany, requested while hitting out at the story’s authenticity. 

Kapseret Member of Parliament (MP) Oscar Sudi threatened to lead DP Ruto’s supporters to publicly boycott the RMS station located along Dennis Pritt Road and owned by media mogul SK Macharia. 

“I advise the Hustler Nation to desist from watching Citizen TV Kenya. They are taking us back to the dark days of the KANU party and KADU where biased news was a norm,” Tweeted Sudi.  

“As Hustlers, we can update ourselves using alternative sources like social media. Hata mlika mwizi iko na kazi yake! (Even the rudimentary phones have their work!)” he added. 

Kimilili Member of Parliament Didmus Barasa joined Sudi in urging Hustler Nation fans to mass-unfollow the station on all its social media platforms. 

“I see Citizen TV has 4 million likes. I’m urging all the hustlers to click the dislike button,” he tweeted. 

Other Kenyans slowly began joining in, hitting out at SK Macharia in particular and accusing him of being invested in ODM leader Raila Odinga. 

“So I’m not the only one who noticed on matters DP, Citizen TV is reporting in a very queer manner. Obviously, editorial content is being influenced by the owner who is invested in Raila Odinga. 

“The backlash will be an earthquake, some of us will watch Zora and that’s it!” wrote Benji Ndolo. 

One Abuga Makori however criticized the allies for launching unwarranted attacks against the station, accusing them of killing businesses and urged them to spare the station. He also praised what he termed as credible and unbiased reporting.

“Even after that credible reporting, DP Ruto’s allies are now killing businesses of people. I condemn blatant attacks targeting Citizen TV and RMS boss SK Macharia. We can differ in politics but spare others’ hustle. The report on Kieni was very credible and unbiased,” he wrote. 

Viral Tea sought the opinions of several journalists over the matter and accused the pro-hustler regime of formulating baseless accusations against the station. 

“How is this propaganda if Citizen followed with another story of the same trip where there was no stoning?” 

Others opined of editors being summoned in the coming weeks and issued instructions on how to handle news related to DP Ruto. 

The attacks come amidst heightened political temperatures in the country continue to rise, with just 337 days to the General Elections. 

Meanwhile, highly placed sources spoke to Viral Tea on Wednesday, September 1 of a possible establishing of its Luo TV station Ramogi TV, after nearly five years of teasing viewers and leaving them in the cold.

Citizen TV Swahili anchors. /FILE

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