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Ruto Angrily Bashes Uhuru For Daring Him To Quit

The DP was speaking on Tuesday, August 24 during a burial service held for Mahoo Ward MCA Ronald Hanel Sagurani in Taita Taveta County. Sagurani passed away on Tuesday, August 17 in a hospital in Mombasa.

Deputy President William Ruto has fired an angry response to President Uhuru Kenyatta after he dared him to quit if he is dissatisfied with how the government is being run.

The DP was speaking on Tuesday, August 24 during a burial service held for Mahoo Ward MCA Ronald Hanel Sagurani in Taita Taveta County. Sagurani passed away on Tuesday, August 17 in a hospital in Mombasa.

Ruto did not mince his words for Uhuru’s brainchild, the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), which was dismissed outright by the Court of Appeal on Friday, August 20. He termed the popular initiative as dangerous to constitutional change.

“If there was a much more dangerous constitutional change it is the BBI because it was going to roll back all the gains we had.

“We fought for almost 30 years against an imperial presidency. The BBI was going to install an imperial presidency in a very unprecedented way,” he laid out his sentiments.

Ruto claimed that in the event the BBI was passed through a referendum, it would have brought in an imperial presidency that would assume control over the Judiciary and the Legislature.

“How will you account, that the BBI was suggesting that we have a president who controls the Legislature through the appointment of Members of Parliament into the Executive and controls the Judiciary using the Ombudsman?

“We would have an imperial presidency. Let us not lie to ourselves, let us not lie to the people. BBI was dangerous to Kenya and we thank God it failed.” he remarked.

The DP also took time to apologize to the family of the late MCA Sagurani on behalf of the state after police disrupted his burial service.

Speaking on Monday night, August 23 in an interview with editors from the top media houses in Kenya, President Uhuru faulted Ruto for blasting the administration he serves under. The Head of State also took aim at the DP for praising the government’s achievements and criticizing its administration at the same time.

“If you are not happy, step aside and allow those who want to move on to do so, then take your agenda to the people. That is what happens in a democracy, you cannot ride on what we have done and talk a different language on the side,” he said, further maintaining that he was keen on accomplishing his agenda to the electorate and maintained that his Big Four agenda was on course. 

The president also deemed as fake the rumours that the BBI bill was meant to extend his term in power, affirming that he was keen to leave office when his term expires in 2022. Uhuru pointed out that there was no clause in the BBI document that had addressed the extension of a president’s term. 

“There’s no clause in BBI that says that the incumbent president is going to continue for another 10 years, this is all propaganda.  I have not heard talks on election postponement, I am ready for an election at the prescribed time. That’s the schedule I am working towards,” he said. 

President Uhuru and DP Ruto had a working relationship in their first term but that relationship began getting frostier, with the DP claiming that he has been left out of the equation. On several occasions, DP Ruto has claimed that his roles were transferred to Cabinet Secretaries to intimidate him. 

However, Uhuru confessed that he had no idea what transpired between him and his deputy in the second term, other than the fact that he was trying to create a platform for him and his political ambitions in the future. 

“I have no idea what has transpired except for the fact he is trying to create a base for him and his future politics, which is his right, I have never denied him that and he is free to do so. 

“But I feel its unfortunate the manner in which he is doing it by going against the same government he is serving is wrong. Like I said the issues we have been trying to fight in this BBI, are the same issues that brought us together,” the Head of State said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s daring call to Deputy President William Ruto to quit. /FILE

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