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Ruto Reaches Out To Man Who Chained Himself Outside His Office

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A man had on Tuesday, January 11 chained himself outside the office of Deputy President William Ruto at Harambee House Annex in Nairobi.

Lawrence Amuke Oprong, as he was identified through media reports, had chained his waist at the gate leading to DP Ruto’s office demanding to see him.

Amuke had indicated that the Deputy President had allegedly promised him a job in his office. To possibly increase his chances, he claimed to be the son of late former Busia North MP Oduya Oprong.

He posed for a photo, according to pictures seen by Viral Tea, chained to the gate, with another showing him reading a book.

A man chains himself outside Deputy President William Ruto’s office over an alleged job promise. /TWITTER

Amuke had promised to free himself once DP Ruto addressed his concerns. He was earlier taken by police officers who carted him towards the Central Police Station.

Ruto’s spokesperson Emmanuel Talam has since revealed that the second in command reached out to his office to attend to the matter.

“DP has sorted the issued and asked his office to handle the young man’s case,” Talam told the media.

Kenya in 2020 suffered a considerable drop in formal jobs for the first time in 20 years, painting a grim picture of the economy that shrunk for the first time since 1992 amid restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The annual economic data released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) on Thursday, September 9 revealed that the economy lost 187,300 formal jobs in the year ended June 2020, representing a crisis that occurred for the first time since 2001, when some 18,300 Kenyans lost their jobs.

The loss of jobs was direr in the private sector which sent home 206,700 Kenyans in a period businesses were finding it very tough to survive. They have had to adjust operating hours numerous times in line with the changes in the nationwide night curfew imposed by President Uhuru Kenyatta in March 2020.

The businesses have had to deal also with curtailed travel restrictions as a result of the imposed lockdowns on counties to contain the pandemic that has since seen 230,407 people infected by the virus and 4,864 people dying from it in Kenya since the first case of COVID-19 was reported that month.

The number of wage employees in the private sector dropped below 1.86 million in June 2020 from more than 2.06 million a year earlier, according to the provisional statistics, on the back of a reduction of jobs in the formal employment segment by companies after the first case.

In total, the economy lost 737,500 jobs in the review period compared to additional 847,100 jobs created the year before, showing the worsening crisis in Kenya’s job market which began showing doubts even before the pandemic arrived.

Kenyans line up outside an office for a job. /BUSINESS DAILY

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