Sanaipei Tande: Sultry Singer Many Kenyan Men Crushed On

Dubbed the Kenyan Jennifer Lopez, the 36-year-old's curvaceous figure and arousing voice has drawn men from across the board who have labeled her as the dream wife, and despite being single, many prominent figures have tried...and failed.

Singer, songwriter, radio personality, entertainer, and actor are all words that can accurately describe the sultry-voiced Natasha Sanaipei Tande, who remains a figure etched in many Kenyan men's fantasies.

Dubbed the Kenyan Jennifer Lopez, the 36-year-old's curvaceous figure and arousing voice has drawn men from across the board who have labeled her as the dream wife, and despite being single, many prominent figures have tried...and failed.

13 years ago, Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni made the wildest proposal to the sassy singer, who was his colleague at the time, to have his baby but was unfortunately turned down. They met again earlier this year and Kageni confessed to having a long-term crush on Sanaipei.

“She is glowing, so voluptuous, she looks good, why did you refuse to have my baby? I gave you a proposition in 2007. I was ready to be giving you half a million shillings a month, a house in Lavington, and anything you wanted.

"Do you even know my mum had told me that if I get a child she will give me that house of hers in Lavington?” he stated at the time.

The confession shocked Sanaipei, who was forced to respond.

“But you see Maina you told me If I never want to work a single day in my life, that was the proposition. But I am the type of person who has to work.”

Before she left the studio after the interview Maina gushed once more reminding Sanaipei that they had unfinished business.

“I will call you later I talk to you about our little arrangement,” to which Sanaipei half-heartedly agreed.

Kageni would go down in history as the man who narrowly cuffed the singer. Others such as NTV anchor Edmond Nyabola and celebrity Abel Mutua have confessed to crushing on Sanaipei, with Mutua disclosing in 2020 that he sent a love note and a box of chocolates to the singer 17 years ago.

That eventually did not materialize as his background then was a KCSE graduate from Kibera and Sana assumed to be the daughter of a legendary politician. Mutua revisited the tale, which went viral, forcing the singer to respond to him while dismissing claims that she was the politician's daughter.

Sana has not been in a relationship since breaking up with Andrew Manga nine years ago.

“I think I just decided to figure out who I am. I was in a relationship for 5 years and when I got out didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know where I was going or what I wanted.

“I dated Manga for 5 years. And when I got out of it I was like ‘Sana you need to figure out where your life is going, who you want to be and the kind of things you want in your life,” she told comedian Dr. Ofweneke.

The sultry singer began showbiz at an early age. She was born and raised in Mombasa, and her works are a reflection of the Swahili culture she was brought up in.

She attended Loreto Convent Mombasa and Mama Ngina High school. When her family relocated to Nairobi she moved to St Lucy Kiriri Girls in Nairobi where she cleared her high school education.

Despite being qualified to study Pharmacy at the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) music came calling at the same time forcing her to defer school.

Through encouragement from her family, the then 19-year-old tested her might at the East Africa Coca-Cola Popstars Talent Search, to which the rather shy songstress emerged winner alongside 2 other competitors Kevin Waweru and Pam Waithaka. Together the trio formed the group SEMA which threw them into the spotlight.

After traveling to South Africa and working with some of Kenya’s top talent, the group released a 17 track album that included their début hit single Leta Wimbo. However, their fame was short-lived, and Sanaipei branched off to pursue a solo career.

Fortunately for Sanaipei, her vocal prowess saw her collaborate with renowned artists like Jua Cali on Kwaheri, Kidum on Mulika Mwizi, Chizi on Not The one, Bigpin on You, and Nadia Mukami on Wangu. At the same time, she advanced her solo musical career with hits like Mfalme wa Mapenzi, Ankula huu, and her latest Yako.

Outside her career in showbiz, Sanaipei worked as a presenter at Capital FM alongside Eve D'Souza on the now-deceased show Hits Not Homework. In 2006, Tande joined Kiss FM before moving on to Easy FM (now Nation FM) as the presenter of the mid-morning drive show together with Oga Obinna and Edward Kwach. 

She used to host karaoke gigs at clubs before quitting in March 2020 to focus fully on her music career.

Sanaipei has also featured in several local shows where she has played top roles such as Nana in the Swahili telenovela Kina and Aziza. However, she landed a role in the latter after she was scouted by none other than Citizen TV's Rashid Abdalla.

Her small feature in her Ankula Huu music video caught the eye of Rashid, who was by then a gifted script-writer and talent scout.

"Somebody [Rashid Abdalla] saw my song Ankula and they liked it and said that this girl can act. That's how I got Aziza which was written around me," she revealed during a candid interview in September 2020.

She had previously made cameo appearances in Aunty Boss and Bashita, but Aziza launched her into a star in the acting field as she blossomed with each passing episode.

Sana's unwavering talent has always worked out for her and the opportunities she has landed have turned her into one of the hottest personalities in Kenyan showbiz.

One of the hit tracks Chaguo la Moyo has been played at every single wedding over the period of one year. However having grown up in a house cemented by faith, she revealed that following musical trends, that have seen female artists going naked on stage, was not her cup of tea.

"I may get raunchy in my lyrics but I'm not going to shoot music videos with little to no clothes on, as is the in thing at the moment. I plan on becoming a mother and a wife in the future, we all know the internet never forgets," she stated.