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Shirleen Mukami: Kenyans To Get Back Ksh848K Raised For Single Mom

The platform which was hosting the funds drive announced, according to screenshots shared by Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) that it was investigating her ‘Baby Shower Sisters’ initiative

Kenyans will be refunded the Ksh848,000 they raised towards the initiative started by 20-year-old single mother Shirleen Mukami and her boyfriend Kenneth (Cabu Gah) following accusations against them of fundraising under false pretenses.

The platform which was hosting the funds drive announced, according to screenshots shared by Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) that it was investigating her ‘Baby Shower Sisters’ initiative after screenshots exposed by blogger Edgar Obare on Monday, November 15 showed a conversation with an informant alleging that Mukami had collaborated with her teenage lover to fool Kenyans.

The unverified fundraiser was found not to have met its due diligence criteria, which prompted the platform to probe the issue.

A photo of Shirleen Mukami with her son shared on Wednesday, November 10. /TWITTER.SHIRLEEN MUKAMI

“The unverified fundraiser you donated to ‘Baby Shower Sisters’ did not meet our due diligence criteria and has been suspended. Please expect a full refund of your donation in the next few days,” read the message by the platform shared by a netizen.

Spot checks on the platform confirmed that the funds drive was suspended. The move comes after the couple turned to police officers at the Kasarani Police Station for assistance in tracing the origins of the accusations against them of fundraising the money under false pretenses.

Viral Tea learnt that the two went to the police station to record statements on the allegations. They also sought assistance in identifying the origin of the WhatsApp screenshots that did rounds on Obare’s Instagram stories detailing a conversation between him and his allies.

The conversations alleged that Cabu coerced Mukami to raise funds that would be used to purchase a vehicle, further pointing out that they had pretended to fundraise for single mothers, a bait Kenyans took with prompt.

Mukami also wants the police to find out the individual who had leaked the screenshots to Obare, which went viral on Monday, November 15. No report has since been filed against the two at the police station, with police at Kasarani yet to respond to the matter officially.

The informant unearthed to Obare how Cabu Gah, who was known to many as a popular blogger, was believed to have crafted the whole scheme that saw her write an expertly-crafted Twitter thread that moved Kenyans to emotions. The informant further alleged that Cabu was the father of the five-month-old child and claimed that he had rejected her as well as absconded responsibility for the child.

Kenyans had responded to her story by contributing in-kind, managing to raise over Ksh848,000 in a space of three days to support the neglected young mother. The furore that emerged from the screenshots forced her to issue a statement on her Twitter account moments later, dismissing the screenshots and terming her pleas and her initiative as legitimate. 

Mukami also stated that she reached out to Gachie to help spread the initiative nationwide owing to his successful online campaigns and the fame he amassed as the popular blogger. 

“I, a single mom, approached Kenneth Gachie to help me popularise my initiative. As stated here already, he has been good at that and successfully did a campaign for his sister last year to buy an electric wheelchair and make donations to spinal injury victims.” 

“I’ve known Kenneth to be good with social media and believed he would help popularize my initiative and he did,” she stated.

Mukami added that she had to part ways with Gachie to run the initiative all by herself alongside her friends. 

“I founded this campaign with Phoebe and Stella and we shall together address the matter fully in the video. We have contacted a lawyer who shall now move with us and we try to resolve these matters.” 

Mukami set the record straight by affirming that the funds that were contributed to the initiative were not withdrawn.

“And for the record, none of the funds have so far been withdrawn. All the funds are still with Mchanga and we shall be advised on what to do with them,” she added.

Some of the gifts donated to the young mothers by the ‘Baby Shower Sisters’ initiative. /TWITTER.SHIRLEEN MUKAMI

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