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Singer Harmonize Dumped By Australian Lover

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Tanzanian artist Rajab Abdul Kahali, alias Harmonize, announced on Friday, January 21, 2022, that he is single yet again.

This is after he confirmed that he broke up with his lover Briana, the Australian beauty whom he introduced to the public during a tour in the United States (US).

In a series of Instagram stories, a seemingly delighted Harmonize revealed that the two are no longer a pair. He was at a club enjoying himself with an array of drinks surrounded by a bevvy of women.

Harmonize and ex-Australian lover Briana in a past vacation. /INSTAGRAM.BRIANA_TZ

“Back to the single life again. I can’t believe I am single again. Big single boys do that all the time. My mind doesn’t wasn’t to take it. 3 Hennesy nothing to this very painful mind,” he wrote.

The couple have also unfollowed each other on Instagram and pulled down photos of each other from their respective Instagram pages.

Harmonize also announced that he will turn his attention to other matters and would be open to dating again at the age of 35.

The breakup comes barely a week after Briana disclosed how the two met. She revealed that they met in Sydney and Harmonize slid in her Instagram DM requesting to talk further on WhatsApp.

He shared his number and the relationship kicked off from there.

Three months ago, social media was lit up with photos of the couple before the Atarudi hitmaker announced the union officially in November 2021.

“Been waiting for this moment to tell everybody what you mean to me. I just wanna love you in this life and respect every woman like a sister, friend, auntie, mum and promise to be there for you my whole life. Welcome to my world Queen B,” he wrote at the time.

The two were also spotted in the US watching a basketball game and their photos were further shared by US-based Kenyan DJ Poizon Ivy, who met them at the Dallas Mavericks basketball court.

To show his commitment to Briana, Harmonize unfollowed everyone, sparing his Australian lover. He now follows 288 people on Instagram. They had also lived together in Tanzania.

The Tanzanian artist has been dominating the music industry across the continent but has struggled with his love life.

His marriage with Italian Sarah Michelotti two years ago ended in divorce following allegations that he was flirting with Bongo movie actress Frida Kajala. He later dated Kajala but the relationship also disintegrated after it emerged that he was hitting on Kajala’s daughter, Paula Kajala.

Security flanks Harmonize and the two Kajalas, Frida and Paula. /BANA.CO.KE

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