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Six Week Internet Disruption Will Not Happen- Govt

Oguna, in a statement, was referring to an article by The Standard on the matter, which he termed as misleading. 

The office of the Spokesperson, Cyrus Oguna has dismissed reports warning Kenyans of potential internet disruptions for a period of six weeks.

Oguna, in a statement on Friday, July 23, was referring to an article by The Standard on Thursday, July 22 on the matter, which he termed as misleading. 

The publication had titled their report Expect internet interruptions as fiber optic cable is moved

He added that the relocation of internet infrastructure to allow construction of the Rironi-Mau Summit highway will not lead to the disruption of the provision of internet services.

Workers laying internet cables in Kenya. /FILE

“The headline is misleading and we wish to clarify that the relocation of internet related infrastructure to allow for the construction of the Rironi-Mau Summit highway will not in any way disrupt the provision of internet services,” said Oguna. 

He noted that the project has been divided into four phases in which the relocations will be done and this will ensure fast and effective implementation of the same. 

Internet users are advised not to panic as the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs, working in conjunction with the Ministry of Infrastructure through KENHA, have devised a mechanism to ensure zero effect on internet supply during this permanent relocation of the fiber optic cable to pave way for road construction,” added Oguna. 

The infrastructural adjustments will see the government relocate internet cables beginning the end of this month, according to ICT PS Jerome Ochieng. The adjustments include the construction of a 234 kilometre highway inclusive of a dual carriageway to be built from Rironi to Nakuru, then to Mau Summit. 

He added that locals would be given jobs during the relocation. The construction of the 234 kilometre road will bolster transport to and from Western and the Rift Valley region in Kenya.  

Relocation of the optic cable will be divided into four sections: Rironi-Naivasha via Mai Mahiu, Rironi-Naivasha, Naivasha-Nakuru and Nakuru-Mau Summit.  

The new design will connect to all government sites and institutions along the road as well as to the existing licensed internet service providers and telcos.

The Nairobi-Mau Summit road project is part of the Trans-African Highway—the main transport route serving East and Central African countries from the port of Mombasa and runs all the way to Lagos in Nigeria. 

Kenya last year awarded the highway contract to Rift Valley Highway Limited—a French consortium made up of Vinci Highways SAS, Meridian Infrastructure Africa Fund, and Vinci Concessions SAS. The project seeks to expand the road into a four-lane dual carriageway through a Public-Private Partnership model. 

The consortium is expected to design, finance, construct, operate and maintain the road, using toll charges to recover their investments that will take a period of over 30 years. The project will also involve widening the existing Rironi–Mai Mahiu–Naivasha road to a seven-metre carriageway with two metre shoulders on both sides. 

The contractor will also build a four-kilometre elevated highway through Nakuru town as well as add and improve interchanges along the highway.

Nairobi-Nakuru highway under construction at Rironi area. /STANDARD DIGITAL

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