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South Sudan Launches First Ever Mobile Service

President Salva Kiir has launched the first-ever local mobile operator in the county’s capital Juba.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir has launched the first-ever local mobile operator in the nation, in the capital of Juba.

Digital Network is the third mobile operator in South Sudan that aims to fast-track connectivity in areas previously not connected.

President Salva Kiir on Monday, July 12 stated that the government is committed to bringing mobile services to people in remote areas.

Kiir added that the development came as a result of direct government intervention with support from the private sector which complements the government efforts in the telecommunication sector.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir. /AL JAZEERA

“To demonstrate seriousness in the desire to connect rural communities to mobile networks, the government will explore options, including tax exemption that will benefit the importation of network equipment and other telecommunications tools,” President Kiir stated.

Digitel joins MTN and Zain as the only mobile telecom companies in the nation. They were operating following the closure of Lebanese Company – Vivacell by the government in 2016 due to alleged unpaid arrears.

Meanwhile, South Sudan got its first-ever connection to the region and the world in 2019 when three fiber optic companies established offices in Juba – an event that made citizens joyous, particularly those within the capital Juba where most services are based.

The new equipment will thus help increase digital literacy programs to the next generation for Information and communication technology, ICT driven economy.

Ten years down from independence after 21 years of brutal civil war with Sudan, South Sudan was left with no or poor infrastructural development. Specifically, technological development was as well left at a standstill, according to observers.

South Sudan’s capital city of Juba. /FILE

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