Style Up- Tahidi High's Miss Morgan To Omosh (VIDEO)

Waruinge advised Omosh to accept that he needed help and that he should seek rehabilitation.

Former Tahidi High actress Angel Waruinge, alias Miss Morgan, issued a video statement on Thursday, July 1 reprimanding fellow thespian Joseph Kinuthia (Omosh) after his second appeal to Kenyans for menial jobs backfired.

In the video seen by Viral Tea, Waruinge advised Omosh to accept that he needed help and that he should seek rehabilitation.

She added that Omosh's actions were hurting scores of people, from his family to his former colleagues and thespians.

''Today, I am just talking for five minutes and this is in light of my former colleague, my brother in the industry, and also a good friend, Omosh. Now he is trending again. Of course, we all know it is about him coming out and saying that he is broke again.

Former Tahidi High actress Angel Waruinge (Miss Morgan) and a former colleague. /FILE

"First of all, this is to Omosh, my brother we had this discussion and I told you when you ask for help, society came through for you. Because you were once King of TV, you were one of the big names in Kenya. But I saw your ungratefulness and this is what hurt me most," she ranted.

She shamed Omosh for disappointing many of his fans owing to his subsequent behavior. He had dismissed a video that surfaced on Monday, June 28, that showed him staggering to his house while under the influence of alcohol.

"You are a crying wolf, you are disappointing many people. I will tell you this for free, we were in that situation most of us. Some chose to accept help and they got help, some chose to change and they are changing their lives, some chose not to get into the addiction and they are thriving.

Out of what you are doing, you are hurting a big circle. You are hurting your family, you are hurting yourself, you are hurting your former colleagues because we also get trolled because of this. You said you are a man of God, you are also hurting your own God," she added.

Waruinge then asked Omosh to swallow his pride and seek assistance as most of his healing will only come from him.

"Omosh, I am requesting you to accept that you need help. It has to come from you. Because you do realize 70 percent of healing starts with you.'' Waruinge begged. 

She went on to slam Omosh for disappointing the whole country, urging him to style up and be the man he is meant to be.

''Omosh people are not talking the way they do because of anything, you have disappointed the whole nation, I need you to style up, it is never too late.

"And this world owes no one a living, do not feel entitled. Do you know what many Kenyans would have done with the help that you got?'' Miss Morgan added.

Waruinge was not alone. Omosh's wives reacted to his pleas for menial jobs in several TV interviews by reprimanding him and casting a desperate image in those interviews.

"They were wondering why I went to beg, again, on national television without informing them what I’d say in the interview. Even my friends were taken aback by the now-misunderstood message," Omosh stated.

The video shared by blogger Edgar Obare was filmed by an Instagrammer who confided with him that Omosh had gone back to drinking as soon as he received help from well-wishers. The thespian was seen staggering to the entrance of an apartment leading to his home, with the aid of a stranger. His suit was covered in dirt, an indication that he stumbled several times on his way back home.

Afterward, Kenyans had called upon well-wishers to rescue Omosh from the bottle before things threatened to go south even further. According to former colleague Kevin Onyiso, alias Eddy who spoke to a local daily, Omosh has since agreed to start his rehabilitation. However, Onyiso expressed worry about his family and how they will survive without him.

Onyiso and other close friends who live near the actor said they had decided to request his friends and former colleagues to now step in as Kenyans had done enough.

“I just want to request, because he does not have food or money, those he worked with on Tahidi High and were touched by Omosh let us help him,” he said.

Omosh with other Tahidi High actors during a past shoot. /INSTAGRAM