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Swarm Of Bees Rest On Woman’s Hand (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Eyewitness reports indicated that the woman was suspected to have travelled from Kitui County.

Bizarre scenes were witnessed in Machakos County on early Wednesday morning, October 27 as a swarm of bees attacked a woman and mounted on her right hand.

Eyewitness reports indicated that the woman was suspected to have travelled from Kitui County.

She was ambushed by the harmless bees at the Machakos Bus terminus who surrounded the woman’s forearm and made it their temporary home.

Bees invaded a woman’s hand in Machakos County on October 27, 2021. /FACEBOOK

It was then discovered that she had carried a bag full of unknown goods, however, in a video seen by Viral Tea, she could not speak to reveal what had happened.

The public at the terminus who could be seen surrounding her attempted to snatch the bag which was suspected to be packed with cash but could not out of fear of being attacked by the bees.

They were left with no choice but to photograph her in her plight and shared the photos which went viral on social media.

It was also believed that the woman might have had a bag full of stolen items including men’s clothes, passports, and foreign currency.

Her destination of origin has been subject to bizarre scenes this year, and the scenario involved bees for the second time.

The county was hit with a bizarre event after a swarm of bees invaded matatus belonging to Kinatwa Sacco, leaving transport paralysed on Friday, June 4.

Insiders related to the matter told Viral Tea that the bees had stopped operations of the Sacco by ensuring that no driver would gain access to their vehicles for their daily duties.

The paralysis had left travellers in limbo, eventually having no choice but to board a matatu belonging to splinter group Kina Classic Sacco to their destinations.

A photo seen by Viral Tea showed the bees swarmed atop the windscreen of one of the matatus, making a driver even going near the vehicle a tall order out of the fear of being stung by the swarm.

Bees invaded a matatu belonging to Kinatwa Sacco in Kitui County on June 4, 2021. /FACEBOOK

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