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'Nitakufinya' Man Sues 3 Companies Abusing His Brand

Matendechere filed a lawsuit before the High Court through his lawyer Professor Tom Ojienda seeking to be compensated by the corporate...

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Jalang'o Helps Nitakufinya Duo Secure Advertising Deals

The lucrative deal represents a step in the right direction for Matendechere, who will bank on it to provide for his two wives and...

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Man In 'Nitakufinya' Viral Meme Speaks

Matendechere came out of the closet by revealing to K24 TV on Saturday, July 3 that he is currently a father of nine children as well...

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K24 TV Expose Behind Viral 'Nitakufinya' Sensation

The origins of the meme can be traced to as far back as a K24 TV investigative exposé that shone the light on illegal power connections...

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