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Badi Gives One Week Notice On 70 Unclaimed Bodies

NMS Health Secretary Dr. Ouma Oluga warned that they will seek permission to dispose of the bodies.

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Why Nairobi Landlords Risk Paying NMS Ksh1,500 Daily

According to Badi, the landlords have been handed a 60-day ultimatum to comply with the rules or face the consequences.

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NMS Rules Out Unconstitutional Declaration Reports

In a statement, Ogeto stated that the allegations that made headlines online that declared NMS illegal were in fact, untrue.

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NMS Postpones Third Green Park Test Run

The rehearsal was scheduled for 6 am to 8 am according to the notice released by NMS dated Wednesday, June 9. 

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Matatu Ban: NMS To Conduct Second Green Park Test Run

NMS will conduct the test run on Friday, May 28, from 4 p to 8 pm according to a notice dated Wednesday, May 26. 

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Nairobians To Use CBD Toilets For Free (VIDEO)

However, they will have to wait for them to be reopened after they were closed on the same day.

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