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The Star Deletes Article Asking Uhuru To Resign

The piece had dared President Uhuru Kenyatta to resign arguing that failure to which, it called for civil disobedience against the current regime.

Radio Africa Group‘s The Star newspaper was forced to pull down an article on Sunday, June 13, barely hours after it was published online.

It had published an opinion article titled ‘Uhuru should resign or be forced out through civil disobedience‘ and was written by Henry Makori before it caused an uproar countrywide.

The piece had called for President Uhuru Kenyatta to resign arguing that failure to which, it called for civil disobedience against the current regime.

It further argued that most Kenyans had become less confident in the Head of State, except in the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and most recently, residents from the Nyanza region.

Deleted Facebook post from The Star newspaper promoting a story asking President Uhuru Kenyatta to resign. /FACEBOOK

“President has turned into a dictator and is relying on the military and Luos nation support to stay in power,” captioned the media house in a tweet promoting the story on social media.

Readers were irked with The Star’s decision to publish the piece claiming that it promoted tribal divisions.

“Ati Luos are the ones preventing you from removing the same President you gave a Birthday Cake that looked like a voter’s card? The same Luos you said had no stake in your God-chosen economy? You guys will kill me with laughter one day,” Nation columnist Gabriel Oguda complained. 

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino accused the publication of becoming a mouthpiece for Deputy President William Ruto.

Owino expressed his shock at the newspaper’s editorial team to allow an inflammatory article of the sort to be published in their newspaper.

“The wording of this article is designed to fan flames of ethnic animosity against the Luo community in Kenya by running a negative narrative against us.

“Given our collective history as a country that has battled against tribal conflict, I call upon the National Cohesion and Intergration Comission to immediately commence investigations into the motives behind this article and to hold those responsible accountable,” Owino addressed on Facebook while praising Uhuru for the achievements he’s done over nearly two terms.

The controversial piece comes days after they published a headline on the effects of COVID-19 on bedroom activities between couples, titled COVID-19 kills libido, ruins fun in bedroom, in which social media users raised a number of questions on the integrity of the media house.

Headline by the Star newspaper on June 9, 2021 on the effects of COVID-19 in bedroom activities amongst couples. /TWITTER

Meanwhile questions arose over the President’s preference of working together with military officials and Kenya Defence Forces in various government positions.

Some of the projects taken over by KDF include the refurbishment of the Kenya Meat Commission, Lake Victoria Port as well as Nakuru Railway line in conjunction with Kenya Railways.

The President also created the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) headed by Major-General Mohammed Badi.

In his justification, Uhuru explained that KDF officials were straightforward and that if individuals operated the way military men did, the country could have been successful long time ago.

“If all of us operated and behaved, loved and served their country in the manner in which the Kenya Defence Forces does, Kenya would today be a great country. And we all have a big lesson to learn.

“I am not militarising anything. I am using reliable Kenyan citizens to fulfil my agenda for this republic. The KDF are part of us and are also part of our citizens,” Uhuru explained in 2020.

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