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Tracy Wanjiru Quits NTV’s Teen Republik (VIDEO)

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In her final message, Wanjiru disclosed that she was leaving the show which she hosted alongside Martin Kimani after five years.

NTV presenter Tracy Wanjiru announced on Saturday, June 26 that she would leave Teen Republik, during a live recording of the show.

In her final message, Wanjiru disclosed that she was leaving the show which she hosted alongside Martin Kimani for a period of five years.

She also thanked her team for making the show a worthwhile ride noting that she joined while she was young.

Former Teen Republik presenter Tracy Wanjiru. /INSTAGRAM

“So, today is my last day here with the team on Teen Republik. It has been a great five years on the show but today marks the end of a beautiful journey with such a great team

“It is quite unfortunate but moving to new things,” stated Wanjiru.

Kimani noted that over the course of five years, the two have formed a strong friendship chemistry both on the show as well as off.

“It has been so long since I met Tracy and she has literally been one of my best friends. We have grown tremendously. We started this show as kids and now we have grown.

“All the best to your new season Tracy because from here on, I believe the experience you have gained is elevation. You are only going to get better,” Kimani noted.

When asked where she was headed, the screen siren did not reveal details only stating that she was going to be great.

To celebrate her departure, her colleagues had prepared a cake and a video compilation that narrated her initial debut on the popular music show that has been revered amongst teenagers in Kenya.

“Thank you so much for all the love throughout the years. I love you so much. Teen Republik is always going to be home,” she signed off.

The sultry presenter has had a long-running career in media and entertainment and currently hosts a breakfast show every Saturdays on Capital FM. She was among a team of four that hosted the legendary Hits Not Homework show.

The team which included Anita Nderu, DJ Jo Kisila and Anne Mwaura, had stints at the show before it ended in 2020.

She attended Loreto Limuru High School before moving on to the University of Nairobi where for one year she studied law before dropping out to pursue her career in media.

She also doubles up as an MC for events and has never disappointed when it comes to fashion.

Former Teen Republik presenter Tracy Wanjiru with her co-host Martin Kimani. /INSTAGRAM

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