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Two Elephants Gatecrash Isiolo Town (VIDEO)

A video showed the jumbos roaming the streets of the quiet town, sending the residents into a frenzy.

Residents of Isiolo town were on the morning of Tuesday, August 17 treated to a rare occurrence; two elephants storming Isiolo town and causing a fracas.

A video seen by Viral Tea showed the jumbos roaming the streets of the quiet town, sending the residents into a frenzy. Their visit was not so kind on them as a 20-year old was trampled by the gentle giants and injured.

The two animals were reported to have snuck out of Buffalo Springs National Reserve in search of water and pasture in the county dealing with a wave of drought.

An elephant. /FILE

In the first clip, motorists swerved to one side so as to let the animals pass as people looked for a place to hide from the wild animals.

The injured youth was bravely trying to chase the elephants away when the attack happened.

The rare show drew the attention of officers from the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) who acted and successfully led them back into the reserve.

The town has over the years witnessed human-wildlife conflict where animals and humans clash, leading to the deaths of humans as well as the destruction of property and crops worth an unknown value.

A February 2021 study led by the University of Kent’s Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) found that elephants in Kenya, particularly from the Masai Mara Game Reserve, often invade and eat up crops near their habitats.

“The number of crop-raiding incidents increased by 49% over the 15 years, but crop damage per incident dropped by 83%. This could be because farmers are better prepared to frighten off elephants.

“It could also be because landcover change makes it harder for elephants to hide in forest patches, and this spread of farmland and loss of forest to illegal charcoal clearing means that more of the crop-raiding incidents are taking place closer to the protected area,” read the findings in part.

Only a month ago, a middle-aged man suffered critical injuries and was rushed to Isiolo Referral hospital after a herd of marauding elephants invaded his home in Nkando village, Maili Saba area near the Isiolo-Meru border on Wednesday, July 14.

Jeremiah Kanake was attacked by the elephants including a calf that trampled on his chest and one of his legs. He was responding to screams from villagers outside his homestead who were chasing the animals away after they were spotted wrecking one of the farms.

Beforehand, the elephants’ Big Five compatriot, a lion, strayed into one of the residential plots in Ongata Rongai and caused a fracas. An image seen by Viral Tea showed the big cat hiding in a narrow alley in between a building wall and a fence made of iron sheets. 

The KWS officers were on scene to disperse a crowd that had milled around to see the lion. Any noise would have likely angered it as the officers eventually subdued the lion and took it back to Nairobi National Park.

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