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Ugandan Prime Minister’s Comments On Kenyan Weather Angers KOT

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Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) spent the whole of Wednesday, January 26 firing back at Uganda Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja after her comments threw barbs at the weather conditions in the country.

The first female prime minister in Uganda was on an interview with NBS TV on Tuesday night, January 25 when she suggested that Uganda, under the leadership of President Yoweri Museveni, was doing far better off than their next-door neighbours.

She in particular threw shade at the weather situation in the country, insinuating that Kenya experiences winter weather, the kind that is characterised by extreme cold, snow and blizzards (on rare occasions) in other developed countries.

Cold weather conditions along Thika Road, Nairobi. /MARVINCHEGE.VIRALTEAKE

“We have a very good country compared to other countries, just go to Kenya here and see. They have winter, and we don’t,” she said.

She was comparing President Museveni’s progress record to that of President Uhuru Kenyatta, but it was the winter comments that drew the wrath of KOT.

To further stoke the embers of the fire, she went for Kenya again, noting that it had gone from heavy reliance on the nation for imports to exporting a lot of goods to other African nations.

“Do you know that the trend has changed? Previously Uganda would import everything from Kenya. We are now exporting a lot to other African countries,” she added.

A user, Yvonne Owuor, hinted that Nabbanja might have visited Kenya in the middle of July, whereby cold weather, that at times dips to record lows, are what makes up the cold season.

“She must have landed in Nairobi in July. Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) does not tell people about Nairobi in July. I know this is about Nairobi in July.

“She landed in the country without a coat. She remembered KTB did not tell her to carry a sweater. She definitely visited Nairobi in July,” she opined.

TV personality Jamal Gaddafi exercised his knowledge as a journalist by questioning her on the source of her comments.

“I’m from Kenya and I don’t know anything like this. Rolling on the floor laughing, Robinah Nabbanja, do you mind sharing the source where you got this from?” he posed.

Winter is defined as the coldest season of the year in polar and temperate zones and in areas further away from the equator, winter is often marked by snow with temperatures dipping to negative.

On the other hand, Kenya is too close to the equator to experience a real winter. The warmest period in Kenya is from February to March, while the coldest is from July to August, although the seasonal variations in temperature are small.

The latest update by the Kenya Meteorological Department on Wednesday, January 26 advised Kenyans to carry drinking water to handle the sweltering heat that is expected to intensify around the month of February.

It also warned residents of the Coastal region as well as North Easter and Kitui of strong winds.

“Dry weather is expected over most parts of the country. Don’t forget to carry extra drinking water. Meanwhile strong north-easterly to south-easterly winds of over 25knots (12.5m/s) are expected over the North East, Kitui and Coast regions,” read its update in part.

The weatherman earlier this month warned on Monday, January 3 that the anticipated dry conditions could lead to a dramatic hike in electricity bills, adding that the dry conditions will have an effect, especially on the hydroelectric power generating dams which rely on river catchment areas for water supply to sustain operations.

That was before the government began reducing the cost of electricity by 15 per cent in 2022 following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive on reducing power bills made on December 12, 2021.

Kenya Power workers fixing a transformer. /CAPITAL GROUP

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