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US-Kenyan Music Producer Releases Song On New App

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US-based Kenyan music producer and composer Keggah of Beat ya Keggah has released a new song under his own digital recording application (app) for both local and international artists.

The new app is Keggah’s ambitious goal of globalising the Kenyan sound so that it can be accessible to anyone anywhere on the planet.

The track, as sampled exclusively by this writer, is called Waiter and he is the Executive Producer. Its release sets the stage for a revolution as far as the Beat Ya Keggah New Digital Recording App is concerned.

Beat ya Keggah’s icon. /BEAT YA KEGGAH

“Beat Ya Keggah” has been on the forefront of rising new and A talents for a little over a decade,” while we consider the producer a “living legend in his own right,” Keggah told Viral Tea after the release.

Beat Ya Keggah cemented itself behind certified hits like Now You Know by Nyashinski, and has seen the stable produce records for notable Kenyan stars including; Redsan, Nazizi, Mejja, and Khaligraph Jones, amongst Kenya’s other industry heavyweights.

Keggah narrated in a past interview that it will only take artists, upcoming or experienced, just a smartphone to record their songs no matter where they are. The app not only allows for easy recording on the go but also comes with other features that seek to edge it above its competitors in the market.

“With our New Digital Recording App, when you want to record, the easiest thing to do is not to get out your laptop and connect a bunch of cables to it, then load up your studio software — it’s to hit the record button on your phone.

“The New Beat Ya Keggah app allows you to do just that, but adds other features that make it more competitive with its built-in competition and Voice Memos,” he noted.

He added that the experience matters little when it comes to using the app as one will only need their phone to record their ideas to guarantee future success.

Keggah is a multi-talented music producer and composer who has built several brand names in the highly competitive Kenya music industry.

As his sound is highly dynamic and urban-influenced and as a producer, his primary task has been working on building the Kenyan sound to appeal internationally, a matter that can be determined by the number of hits he has produced.

US-based Kenyan music producer and composer Keggah of Beat ya Keggah with musician Wyre. /COURTESY

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