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Viral Chips Mwitu Vendor Graduates From Kenyatta University

Viral chips mwitu vendor Bevalyne Kwamboka, whose business based in Nairobi made nationwide headlines, has graduated from Kenyatta University.

Speaking to Viral Tea, Kwamboka revealed that she graduated from the institution with a Bachelor of Education degree.

She revealed that it was the best feeling she has ever had, having added a milestone to her life. In addition, she took to her social media handles to celebrate her latest success with her followers.

“Thank you so much for your support. Your Chipo mwitu vendor made it,” she wrote in part.

Viral chips mwitu vendor Bevalyne Kwamboka posing with her graduation hat on December 17, 2021. /INSTAGRAM

She shared photos of her donning her graduation gown with the institution’s design and another of her donning the iconic graduation hat with a stylish blue suit with a bow tie.

Another showed her wearing the hat but she was at her premises doing what she does best, make delicious chips for hungry Nairobians.

Netizens who helped in sharing her tweet on Thursday, September 30 that turned her into a national celebrity in a matter of weeks, responded to her message with a wave of congratulatory remarks of their own.

Kwamboka is among a section of Kenyans who can boast of having a great conclusion to 2021, having witnessed her hustle grow to new heights. Following her tweet, many of her fellow countrymen and women have been flocking to her business to try the delicious delicacy, and they were followed by scores of media houses who helped share her business with the general public as well as the platform itself that verified her.

Politicians such as nominated senator Millicent Omanga then weighed in with their donations to Kwamboka to boost her hustle, however, the latter had roasted the former for lying to Kenyans that she gave her some cash to support her business.

Senator Omanga had tweeted on Monday, October 4 that her team visited Kwamboka’s venture and had provided her with stock, cash and other material to keep it going. The tweet also featured photos taken during that day of Kwamboka with three sacks of potatoes, a number of umbrellas and two aprons to create the idea that they were donations from the Senator.

Before the dust could settle, Omanga responded to Kwamboka, suggesting that the chips vendor had high expectations that she did not meet.

“My team visited her & brought back a positive report. I made a tweet to that effect to which Kwamboka acknowledged. I’m thus disturbed to learn that she has complained and rubbished the support she got through my office.

“I did my best under the circumstances and I’m sorry that I didn’t meet her expectations which appear to have been higher. In such situations the truth, honesty & facts are sacrificed at the altar of social media fame, blackmail & character assassination,” the Senator wrote.

Nonetheless, she received a major boost when nominated Senator Beatrice Kwamboka on Friday, October 15 donated a host of modern equipment as well as settled the cost of rent for her new premises.

The rent was to cover a period of three months. Kwamboka also received a potato chipper to ease her work of making her potatoes into delicious chips ahead of the swelling demand that her business generated since it went viral.

The donations also included 20 litres of cooking oil as well as a sack of potatoes.

The Kenyatta University’s 50th graduation ceremony was held virtually as was the case last year.

Entrance to the Kenyatta University. /FILE

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