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Watch Cows Carrying Kenya Power Transformer (VIDEO)

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Employees from the Kenya Power and Lighting Company, known as KPLC in its ticker, took service delivery to its loyal customers to a whole new level.

A team was sent to Omboo Village, Migori County to replace a transformer, but their biggest obstacle was the road network in the area, which became a tall order to navigate.

The engineers, who normally rely on offroad vehicles to get to remote areas to attend to emergency issues regarding power supply, saw the condition of the road, especially with the onset of the heavy rains, like a challenge they didn’t see coming.

You would think that they would give up transporting a Ksh500,000 transformer to the area of concern, but the area residents had another idea, they gave them a cart pulled by cows!

Watch the video:

With the help of the residents, the engineers hauled the heavy transformer through the muddy path to the site for mounting, a matter which helped to restore power supply to their worried customers.

“All in a day’s work: Our truck transporting a transformer to be replaced at Omboo Village in Migori County could not reach the site due to a soggy ground.

“Area residents provided a cart and helped push it to the location and we quickly restored supply to the affected customers thereafter,” the utility firm tweeted on Friday, May 13.

Replacing transformers due to vandalism as well as wear and tear is no cheap affair and one that has put a huge dent in the pockets of the monotonous power supplier.

On May 6, a group of thugs stormed the residence of the late former President Mwai Kibaki, only three days after he was buried at his rural home in Othaya, Nyeri County and stole a power transformer that served the residence and the neighbouring homes in Kanyange Village.

The transformer pole was erected merely 50 metres from the homestead of the late Kenya’s third president. Pictures seen by Viral Tea showed that the robbers vandalised the transformer mounted at the home and looted parts of the electrical equipment.

The incident ignited a mystery as the homestead was put on 24-hour surveillance by the elite Recce Squad officers. A tea plantation that sits a few metres from Kibaki’s homestead was suspected to have served as a hiding ground for the thieves who carried out the act for at least an hour.

The utility firm’s distribution engineer in Othaya, Benjamin Onsomo, said the electricity supply was cut off in the area at around 11 pm on Tuesday, May 3 after at least 400 homesteads neighbouring Kibaki’s residence were, consequently, plunged into darkness

“We had to connect the affected houses to a feeder line at Othaya Sub-Station, which serves the town centre and its environs. As a result, power was restored, though temporarily, the following day (Wednesday, May 4) at 11 am,” Onsomo told The Standard.

A transformer at the home of the retired President Mwai Kibaki vandalized three days after state burial at Kanyange home near Othaya town. /FILE

Kenya Power vs Vandals

Vandalism of electrical equipment is considered an economic crime. According to the Energy Act, anyone caught in the heinous act is liable to a minimum fine of Ksh5 million or a minimum jail term of 10 years.

Kenya Power has this year seen a wave of changes as the sole power distributor in terms of its top leadership and surrendering to pressure by members of the public and the government to lower their cost of electricity supply.

However, on January 11, 2022, Kenyan homes and businesses were plunged into darkness after a high voltage transmission line connecting the capital city, Nairobi, collapsed, in what was suspected to be high-level vandalism.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) found in its investigations over the nationwide blackout that the basement of the angel towers of Kenya Power high voltage power lines was vandalized.

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