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Kenya Airways Pilot Explains How She Landed In UK During Storm Eunice (VIDEO)

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UPDATE Sunday, February 20: Kenya Airways (KQ) pilot Captain Ruth Karauri has revealed the expertise she used in landing the Boeing 787 Dreamliner at London, United Kingdom’s Heathrow Airport in the middle of Storm Eunice.

She was captured in a viral video landing the aircraft in the middle of strong winds of up to 112.65 km/hr at one of the busiest airports in the world.

“This is Captain Ruth Karauri of the now famous KQ100 at London Heathrow. With me is my first officer of the day, Ayoob Harunany. We had the pleasure of encountering storm Eunice at London  Heathrow yesterday (Friday, February 18). We were landing on the Westerly Runway into Heathrow.

“The flight conditions were strong gusting winds and it was quite a bumpy ride. However, thanks to the training we have had at Kenya Airways, particularly in the simulator, it prepared us for such a scenario. We used all our training expertise and skills that we have managed to learn over the years at Kenya Airways and we handled the learning expertly. It was a pleasure flying all our amazing passengers into London Heathrow yesterday,” Karauri said in a video shared by the national airline.

A video has surfaced of a Kenya Airways plane, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner landing at Heathrow Airport in London, United Kingdom, in the middle of strong winds from Storm Eunice which has been wreaking havoc across the British nation.

The video shared across social media platforms showed the aircraft, piloted by Captain Ruth Karauri, manoeuvring strong winds of up to 112.65 km/hr to land at the airport, one of the busiest in the world.

Karauri had to battle the force of the winds to masterfully time her landing on the runway before touching down after its long journey from Nairobi, relying on the expertise in using the plane’s ailerons and rudders on Friday, February 18.

“KQ pilots execute a near-perfect landing yesterday morning at Heathrow 27L, despite strong winds from #StormEunice. Ailerons and rudder action and the increased pitch reveal the serious work that was being done. Respect!” tweeted Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) governor Patrick Njoroge.

Watch the video below:

Njoroge was joined by a section of Kenyans who celebrated Karauri’s effort in landing the aircraft amidst strong winds that have since left millions of people in the UK forced to cancel travel plans and stay indoors.

This is as the second major storm this week prompted warnings of high winds and flying debris across northern Europe.

The video was part of a live stream on YouTube of planes from across the globe trying to land at Heathrow during Storm Eunice which has become an unexpected online hit.

Aviation enthusiast Jerry Dyer has been streaming aircraft’s attempts to land at the airport in the strong winds on his Big Jet TV channel. His lively commentary plus the footage as planes approach, sometimes having to abort, have been attracting more than 200,000 live viewers at times.

Speaking to the BBC, Dyer praised his excitement over the feed, which has been running from the roof of his specially adapted van, shouting “go on son”, “nicely done” and “fair playmate” at pilots who land successfully.

For trickier landings, he advised pilots to “go around again”, and as one pilot abandoned an attempt to touch down at the last second amid strong winds, Dyer exclaimed: “Ooh, he did not like that.”

“Big kudos to the pilots and the crews working at the airports. Normally the conditions are calm and we have great shows we do for hours on end, people watching from all over the world.

“But right now, these conditions with 70mph gusting winds, it’s pretty intense. And what’s great is you get the see the skill of the pilot, and how they manage to handle it,” he told BBC Radio 2.

He noted that planes must divert if they cannot land within three attempts, something he said had happened several times.

“Many planes are having to abort their landings. It’s a bumpy ride, you have to think of all those folks who are on the aircraft,” he noted.

According to a 2020 interview, Dyer developed a love of planes at an early age, growing up near Heathrow.

He got into live streaming plane landings by accident in about 2015, after his nephew informed him that Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson, a pilot, was flying his plane into London. Dyer raced to the airport and streamed the plane’s landing live on Twitter.

The interest and positive feedback led him to keep posting similar content, eventually moving to YouTube, where his audience really took off, and where he has been broadcasting since.

Watch a recording of his live stream on Friday:

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