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What Makes A Video Go Viral On TikTok

TikTok is a social media platform that has produced some of the world’s biggest celebrities, and in Kenya, it has been no different.

Have you always wondered how TikTok always has a new trend every week and keeps its audiences glued to their smartphone screens?

TikTok is a social media platform that has produced some of the world’s biggest celebrities, and in Kenya, it has been no different. Content creator Azziad Nasenya was one of the beneficiaries of the heightened use of the platform during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

It introduced the 20-year-old to Kenyans on April 6, 2020, when a video of her dancing to Femi One and Mejja’s song Utawezana under the #Utawezanachallenge went viral.

Kenyan TikTok superstar Azziad Nasenya. /INSTAGRAM

Maybe you want to be like her and make one of your videos on TikTok trend. Viral Tea gives you the following tips:

Create a niche for your videos

You have to decide who your audience is as you cannot just make videos randomly, uploading them in the hope that people will like them.

You need to define an objective for your social network activity. It may not mean that all your videos are the same but you would want to create a unique theme or main niche for your videos, one that makes people yearn for more.

The frequency of your posts

Creators that get more views post a lot. A point to take note of is that TikTok has many creators and they only suggest your videos if you’ve posted any on that day.

If you keep a low profile, your videos are unlikely to appear often in people’s ‘For You’ feeds. The best TikTok creators post multiple videos a day to be part of the craze that gets people talking daily.

High-Quality Videos

Even though you need to upload videos regularly, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. You don’t need to hire a professional or use high-end equipment, you can make videos that go viral using your smartphone with a good camera.

You do need, however, to film your videos in high definition. Buy a tripod to keep your camera steady as you shoot, and if you can, use an external microphone.

Trending Music on TikTok

Tiktok has made it incredibly easy to add music to your clips. The app grew out of Musical.ly and shares that platform’s fixation on music overlaying users’ videos.

You can add the tracks after filming or use the track during filming. Tiktok has already made all the legal arrangements to use these tracks so don’t be afraid to use them as your video will be easily found if someone searches the track.

Trending Hashtags

It makes sense for you to emulate some of the hashtags on your posts as other videos do. If you open your TikTok app and tap the Discover button at the bottom, TikTok will show you your Trending Hashtags.

It also helps when people are searching for the trend with the hashtags and your video pops up, a feat that brings more views.

The milk crate challenge that went viral across the world before it was banned by TikTok. /FILE

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