YouTuber Maureen Waititu Lands First TV Job

She will host a new show dubbed The Nest, which will air on Y254 TV, a youth channel owned by national media house Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), launched on February 6, 2017.

YouTuber Maureen Waititu Lands First TV Job

Youtuber and social media influencer Maureen Waititu has landed her first stint as a television presenter.

She will host a new show dubbed The Nest, which will air on Y254 TV, a youth channel owned by national media house Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), launched on February 6, 2017.

Waititu, while sharing the good news with her Instagram followers, explained that her new show will revolve around parenthood- sharing and documenting extraordinary experiences with the aim of inspiring others.

"Is there anything like perfect parenthood? How do you deal with the struggles of becoming one? The Nest is a reality, talk-show that brings you these answers and more by sharing real-time solutions to parenthood as inspired by real stories of real parents." she revealed in a promo video posted to her account.

The show will premiere every Tuesday on the Y254 channel.

Waititu shot into the spotlight over her celebrity relationship with fitness instructor Frankie Kiarie, famously known as Frankie Just Gym It. The two served couple goals on YouTube and social media and cohabited for six years and bore two sons.

However, the two in October 2020 had an ugly public spat with Waititu vowing to take Frankie to court for child support a year after their ugly and public breakup.

The former couple used the same social media account where they used to dish out couple goals to call out each other on co-parenting lapses, as they both declared that they had had enough.

"The father of my kids refused to support our kids, he threw us out of the home we were living in. I am taking you to court and I am going to sue you for neglect and full custody over my children,” she threatened.

Frankie in a swift response posted a 33-minute YouTube video of his own, firing at Waititu directly and even exposing screenshots of exclusive conversations between the two meant to help clear his name and add weight to his defense. He further denied kicking Maureen and their sons out of their house, stating that the house belonged to his mother who wanted it back after they went their separate ways.

On the claims of dodging his fatherly duties, Frankie noted that at first, it was agreed between them that he would be with the kids for three days a week, that is from Friday to Sunday, but she changed his plans without informing him.

“This, however, suddenly changed as she told me that I would only be seeing them only once a week, on Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm, and as time went by, she began giving excuses whenever I wanted to be with the kids.”

He further revealed that when their son fell sick, Maureen informed him more than 12 hours after he was admitted to the Gertrudes' Children’s Hospital in Nairobi.

Speaking of one dramatic incident, Frankie disclosed that he had gone to see his children but Maureen forbade him from seeing them so he decided to walk away.

“I turn and I walk because I don’t want a confrontation. Things can get messy quick. I do not want none of that,” Frankie said explaining why he left instead of insisting on seeing his sons and shared a video and text messages as evidence.

Their back and forth was fodder for social media conversations that ran rampant for a while. Frankie is currently dating Nairobi socialite Corazon Kwamboka and they welcomed their first baby last year.