Quack Doctor Mugo Wairimu Jailed For 29 Years

Mugo was on Thursday, November 17, found guilty of running a medical clinic illegally.

Quack Doctor Mugo Wairimu Jailed For 29 Years
Quack Doctor Mugo wa Wairimu in court. /PEOPLE DAILY

James Mugo Ndichu, a fake doctor popularly known as Mugo wa Wairimu, has been sentenced to 29 years in prison.

Mugo was on Thursday, November 17, found guilty of running a medical clinic illegally. He was found to have practised medicine without the required academic qualifications.

Making the ruling on Monday, November 21, Milimani Law Courts magistrate Wendy Muchemi termed Mugo as a threat to society, hence should be locked up for a long time.

“He is a danger to society instead of using the knowledge he says he acquired to improve society he went ahead by purporting to be a gynaecologist and administering drugs to them,” the judge ruled.

Mugo wa Wairimu in court on November 21, 2022. /TWITTER

She added that Mugo had abused his qualified skills from the University of Nairobi to administer drugs so as to engage in sexual activities with patients.

Mugo has since been handed a six months sentence for the fourth account, one year for the fifth account and six months for the seventh account. In addition, he got a one-year sentence for the ninth account; one year for the tenth account and one year for the eleventh account.

The Court had previously found that the quack doctor had drugged patients. A total of 12 counts had been brought against Mugo and as a consequence, Judge Muchemi found him guilty of 10 counts.

While delivering the ruling, the judge found that the prosecution proved beyond reasonable doubt that Mugo had been on the wrong side of the law.

“The sexual molestation charge cannot stand in any court of law as the prosecution failed to prove the three main ingredients of forcible intercourse beyond a reasonable doubt to warrant a conviction. The court required oral evidence from the alleged victim, sufficient circumstantial evidence and DNA samples test which were never provided in court by the prosecution,” the chief magistrate ruled.

Wa Wairimu was acquitted of charges that he unlawfully hired two medical students to work under him in his clinic. This is after the prosecution failed to provide evidence regarding the appointments.

Mugo was first arrested and arraigned in Court in 2015. He was charged with rape and illegally administering unknown medicines to his patients.

Two years ago, he was jailed for 11 years for operating unlicensed medical facilities and raping a patient among other offences. He was alternatively ordered to pay a fine of Ksh1.4 million for unlawfully practising medicine.

An image of the Milimani Law Courts. /FILE