King Kalala Goes After Fake X Account Which Leaked Adriana Wanjiku Video

The act was castigated by many Kenyans who demanded action to be taken against the male individual.

King Kalala Goes After Fake X Account Which Leaked Adriana Wanjiku Video
Side by side of radio presenter King Kalala and Adriana Wanjiku. /INSTAGRAM.KING KALALA.ADRIANA WANJIKU

NRG Radio presenter Prudence Chepkirui Tonui, popularly known as King Kalala, has threatened to take legal action against a parody account on X (formerly Twitter) accused of leaking a series of explicit videos, one of which sparked uproar from Wednesday, October 25.

The video in question, which Viral Tea cannot publish due to its explicit and triggering nature, captured a woman named Adriana Wanjiku in a non-consensual encounter with an unidentified man who was recording the whole proceedings.

The man was seen undressing Wanjiku who was allegedly intoxicated and having intercourse with her as she helplessly lay on the bed.

The act was castigated by many Kenyans who demanded action to be taken against the male individual. Some netizens had also turned the heat on the parody account posing as King Kalala which leaked the video to the social media platform.

Social media apps on a phone. /MEDIUM.COM

“Adriana Wanjiku should file a case against whoever raped her, whoever intoxicated her, whoever recorded the video and whoever shared it out here," one user demanded.

”We must stop the normalization of rape. Being drunk doesn’t give you a go head to rape someone. Sex without consent is rape."

Taking to her official X account, King Kalala urged netizens to promptly report any parody account sharing disturbing content under the guise of her name, while exploring the possibility of taking legal action against the owners of all of them.

"It has come to my attention that some existing parody accounts have been sharing/distributing disturbing content, all while pretending to be me.

"Kindly help me report all those pages if you come through any of them. I'm currently looking into taking legal action against all," she appealed.

Turning to the owners of the parody accounts, Kalala gave them until Friday, October 27 to deactivate the accounts, after which, failure by the users to heed her demands would see her press charges against them.

The radio personality also called on her fans to expose the parody accounts as well as provide information regarding the users behind them.

"I need to know who this is. I've been sending them DMs about pulling down any obscene content, to no replies.

"Kindly send me any information you have on this tweep or any other existing parody accounts dubbed KING KALALA. Especially the accounts that have been sharing pornography," she added.

Kalala's real X account goes by the handle @KING__KALALA, which she also reposted on her Instagram stories. Meanwhile, Wanjiku was yet to respond to the viral explicit clip by the time of publishing this story.

Viral Tea conducted spot checks on the parody account and found that it was deactivated.

How Kenya Deals With Revenge Porn Cases

While there are no specific laws set aside to deal with revenge porn in the country, there are several provisions of the law that may be applied, case in focus is the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act of 2018.

The Act makes it a punishable offence to post nude images on the Internet without the consent of the owner with an intent to cause emotional distress. The images are sometimes accompanied by personal information about the subject, including their full name, address and links to their social media profiles.

The Act under section 37 which creates the offence provides to wit; "A person who transfers, publishes, or disseminates, including making a digital depiction available for distribution or downloading through a telecommunications network or through any other means of transferring data to a computer, the intimate or obscene image of another person commits an offence and is liable, on conviction to a fine not exceeding two hundred thousand shillings or imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or both."

The offence applies both online and offline and to images which are shared electronically or in a traditional way including the uploading of images on the internet, sharing by text and e-mail, or showing someone a physical or electronic image.

The victim, in addition, may also sue the aggressor for defamation as well as breach of privacy. Article 33(3) of the Constitution provides that in the exercise of the right to freedom of expression, every person shall respect the rights and reputation of others, revenge porn violates this law.

Punishment For Rape In Kenya

In 2006 The Sexual Offences Act was enacted after a great and animated debate spearheaded by various women organisations and orchestrated mainly by female MPs in the Parliament. New legal definitions were created and mandatory and harsh penalties were provided.

The Penal Code was amended and offences of rape; sexual assault; compelled or induced indecent acts; indecent acts committed in view of a family member; defilement; gang rape; indecent act with a child or adult; promotion of sexual offences with a child; child trafficking; child sex tourism; child prostitution, and pornography were crafted.

A court gavel. /PIXABAY

Section 3 (3) of the Act provides that a person guilty of an offence of rape is liable upon conviction to imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than 10 years but which may be enhanced to imprisonment for life

"Any person who attempts to unlawfully and intentionally commit an act which causes penetration with his or her genital organs is guilty of the offence of attempted rape and is liable upon conviction for imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than five years but which may be enhanced to imprisonment for life," reads section 4 of the Act.