Fena Gitu Defends Michelle Ntalami From Journalists, Bloggers

Fena reiterated that she is not dating Ntalami and prefers keeping her matters private.

Fena Gitu Defends Michelle Ntalami From Journalists, Bloggers
Michelle Ntalami with Fena Gitu in Madagascar on January 5, 2023. /INSTAGRAM.MICHELLE NTALAMI

Rapper Fena Gitu on Sunday, January 15 accused the media of creating false narratives surrounding beauty entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami, while dismissing rumours of their relationship.

In a long Instagram post, Fena expressed the belief that journalists and bloggers, the latter of whom she did not directly mention, have limits in terms of reporting events that happen across the country.

While revealing that she and Ntalami share a complicated history, the Karibia hitmaker complained that she cannot enjoy a section of her life in private, despite the publicity that comes with being a celebrity in the music industry.

Fena reiterated that she is not dating Ntalami and prefers keeping her matters private.

Fena Gitu in Madagascar. /INSTAGRAM.FENA GITU

"After an honestly magical trip to Madagascar reconnecting with one beautiful Michelle Ntalami .... someone I share a deep and yes, complicated history with, the past week back in Nairobi has been one thing after another on the blogs. Can't even do post-holiday blues in peace. While I understand this life comes with the public scrutiny, there has to be limits to what and how "journalists" and journalists, report things.

"It's no secret that I hate the sometimes negative attention that goes with it. I like my shit private, and it will stay that way. But let me clarify this; Mich and I are, as she said in a recent interview, really good long-term friends. As it stands, we are not dating. She did not deny this. Neither did she deny me," she stated.

Fena went on to accuse the media of altering her own words and continuously pestering her to push their own narratives of her.

"She has been truthful and vocal about her feelings on dating in Kanairo... and I feel the same! Twisting her words or cornering her for silly clickbait headlines or to push a narrative of denial is false. And honestly, an impediment to both of us and our progress. Or is it too complex a concept to understand?

"Let adults do adult things, and have fun in peace. Lima na upalilie kwako (plant and harvest at your own compound). I understand that the internet is a wild mix and you can't control perception unless you own your story," she added.

The rapper called upon her followers to focus on improving themselves in 2023 and for them to mind their own business amidst continuous speculations, adding that "We will define things if / whenever we choose to".

"For now, we should all be focusing on 2023 being the year we shut shit down. And by God's Grace, we will. To speculate you can continue to speculate, but if you see us wilding, whether with each other or anyone else, mind your business," she fired.

Speaking to Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray on Wednesday, January 11, Ntalami assured her fans that she and Fena were just friends and have been so for years, in addition to doing projects together and having a good working and friendship relationship.

Ntalami had been spotted with Fena on several occasions since 2023 began, sharing different social media posts during their vacation over the festive season and expressing mixed reactions with her company.

One such post saw her appreciate the rapper for a wonderful New Year together and narrate her exhilarating experience with her in a little more than one week of being together.

During the December 2022 Sol Festival, Ntalami shared photos of her and her long 'term friend', looking all comfortable and captioned it "No more blurry nights, only starry nights."

Michelle Ntalami with Fena Gitu in Madagascar on January 5, 2023. /INSTAGRAM.MICHELLE NTALAMI