How Midnight Text Landed Liz Jackson Job At Eddie Butita's Media House

Liz, who is nine months into the media industry, narrated that after she completed her studies in project management in January 2022...

How Midnight Text Landed Liz Jackson Job At Eddie Butita's Media House
Liz Jackson with SPM Buzz CEO and comedian, Eddie Butita. /INSTAGRAM.LIZ JACKSON

Viral journalist Liz Jackson revealed on Wednesday, November 23 how she ended up at SPM Buzz where she has been for the past nine months.

In an interview with the Nation, the 23-year-old noted that she resorted to sending comedian Eddie Butita a Direct Message (DM) in the late night hours which would eventually turn out to be the best decision she made in her budding career.

Liz, who is nine months into the media industry, narrated that after she completed her studies in project management in January 2022, and graduated from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), on June 28, 2022, she pondered her next move given that the jobs she got in her field did not interest her, thus leading her to journalism.

"So, I DM (direct message) Eddie Butita, the owner of SPM Buzz at 1 am, because he is a celebrity so when he wakes up my message, would be at the top. He replied to my message around 6.15 am and called me for an interview. I went and got the job," she disclosed.

Liz Jackson at SPM Buzz studios. /INSTAGRAM.LIZ JACKSON

In terms of her first interview, the head of SPM Buzz's digital department and digital strategist disclosed that she had interviewed both Kenyan celebrities Azziad Nasenya and Khaligraph Jones, just one month into the media industry.

"The first person I ever interviewed was Azziad. When I went to interview her, I was so scared; she was so confident but I kept it still and asked her the questions, she answered, and the interview went live. My friends started clapping for me, they were telling me that I am doing a great job.

"My second interview was also scary, I was interviewing Khaligraph Jones; I'm one month into the game and I'm interviewing Papa Jones. I was actually shaking when I was holding the microphone and the video did very well; it got over 10,000 views in one day," she noted.

In terms of the criteria she uses before interviewing people, Liz does research on the person of interest and considers his or her personality; whether or not a person likes personal questions, whether he or she is free or reserved, giving an example of how she avoided asking Khaligraph Jones personal questions.

Butita opened the media house's headquarters, fully named Stage Presence Media, in 2021 as a media entity offering platforms for young creatives in terms of acting, videography, TV Hosting, radio shows and podcasts.

“SPM LAUNCH...Yesterday, (15th April - SPM DAY) By the grace of GOD we launched SPM- Stage Presence Media Limited HQ which houses SPM Offices and SPM BUZZ STUDIOS. Welcome to SPM home of Creativity where creatives get to write the future. With an excellent team of creatives, we are here to change the entertainment scene by creating more valuable opportunities for Creatives who want to live and earn from their ideas.”

“Kenya has exceptional Talents and Ideas that other countries in the world admire. SPM has been working with Talents, Corporates and Personalities, our ideas always stand out, we have the Key, and it is time to Open Doors. SPM is here to create and turn Ideas into greatness. We are ready, We are SPM, We are home Of Creativity,” read Butita’s post at the time.

His passion for comedy began while he was still in high school at Butere High School. Butita's professional career took off in 2010, while he was at Churchill.

The comedian has performed at popular shows such as Laugh Festival, Churchill Show, Churchill Raw, Night of a Thousand Laughs, Kenya's Biggest Laughs, The Hot Seat, Kenya Kona Comedy, Crazy Monday Comedy Night, Nescafe Red Sensational Party, 3D Comedy, and the Kids Festival.

In 2021, he was part of the individuals recognized for directing and translating the Netflix show Upshaws in the Swahili version.

“I have always wanted to be on Netflix, this year God made it a reality. I was reached out to be the first Netflix Swahili Comedy Writer and Director. For the past few months I wrote and directed the Swahili Version of Upshaws created by Wanda Sykes, it was a great experience. The early mornings and late nights together with a team of talented professionals from Hiventy Africa, We successfully brought the script to life and it's now streaming on Netflix.

"If Eddie Butita Wrote and Directed for Netflix It means that African Comics have a great chance in the global market and we are ready for the world. You can now Watch Upshaws on Netflix in Swahili it is the first ever Swahili comedy show on Netflix. History has been made” shared Butita.

SPM Buzz has enjoyed an explosive rise over the few years, having started as a brainchild for Butita who expressed the need for a tool that can help communicate, be real, get the right audience and connect with people.

With over 11 employees, the media house has a YouTube channel boasting over 119,000 subscribers and over 15.89 million views and its journalists have already covered state events from President William Ruto's inauguration to the visit by South African president Cyril Ramaphosa at State House.

A collage of Liz Jackson and Miss Kithinji being waved at by President William Ruto on September 13, 2022. /VIRALTEAKE