Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda Impeached As Senate Makes History

The Senators voted on Thursday, March 15 to uphold the DG's removal from office by way of impeachment, and thus, Monda ceases to hold office forthwith.

Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda Impeached As Senate Makes History
Former Kisii Deputy Governor, Robert Monda. /FILE

Kisii Deputy Governor, Robert Monda has been impeached, becoming the first Deputy Governor under the 2010 constitution to be removed from office via an impeachment.

The Senators voted to uphold the DG's removal from office by way of impeachment, and thus, Monda ceases to hold office forthwith.

A vote taken by Senators on midnight, Friday, March 15 upheld the decision by the Kisii County Members of the County Assembly to have him removed from office.

The Senate found him guilty of and voted on the following four charges:

Gross Violation of the Constitution or any other law

Ayes (39), Nays (3), Abstentions (1)

Senate speaker Amason Kingi during his maiden speech on September 8, 2022. /STANDARD DIGITAL

Abuse of Office 

Ayes (39), Nays (3), Abstentions (1)

Gross misconduct 

Ayes (35), Nays (7), Abstentions (1)

Crimes under national law 

Ayes (32), Nays (10), Abstentions (1)

It was believed that his decision to call Joseph Misati, the father of the main witness, Dennis Misati, to testify against him worked against him successfully, with many senators enraged by the public display of family feuds.

Dr Bonny Khalwale, the majority whip, moved the motion to impeach the Deputy Governor, arguing that, while the crimes had not been proven beyond reasonable doubt, the deputy governor was likely to have received the bribes.

“We will be lying to ourselves that the young man has not proved that he sent money to the Deputy Governor, we will be lying to ourselves if we discount the evidence of the two ladies, and we will be lying to ourselves, if we told the country that the DG did not receive the money,” Khalwale said.

Khalwale expresses his feelings about how broken the family is, with the main antagonists Misati and his father Joseph going head to head with each other at the plenary. 

“God made man, man made money, and money made mad, to see a brother giving evidence against DG, to see a father giving evidence against assertions of his son, it can only be described as madness,” Khalwale said.

While seconding the motion, Migori Senator Eddy Oketch lamented how millions of young people are capable of working but are frustrated when they are asked for bribes.

“I might not know if the Deputy Governor is guilty or not, but I know that today’s vote will be for the millions of youths who are hustling out here, who are qualified, who are able and willing to work, but they are to give a bribe.” He said.

However, many senators who commented on the motion expressed sadness over the family breakdown, with some even asking Kenyans to pray for the family unit. Among them was Minority Whip Ledama Ole Kina who wondered why and how the family unit had collapsed with family members not seeing each other eye to eye.

“The two days have been the saddest day in the institution of the family, a family is supposed to be united and to protect each other, but we have been invited to come in between the family, what example are we showing to the younger generation.’’ the vocal senator posed.

"It’s a shame for a father to put his son in trouble and choose to stand against him, I want to assure you, my son, that if I ever put you in trouble, I will always stand with you," Kitui Senator Enock Wambua weighed in.

Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba however rallied her colleagues to vote to throw out the Deputy Governor rather than remain undecided.

“When I looked at the evidence of Ksh100,000 sent to the manager who was supposed to give a job, I knew that was the sword that would sink the deputy governor,” she said.

Murang'a Senator Joe Nyotu wondered how one could receive Ksh800,000 only to send Ksh100,000 to a person supposed to be giving the job, much to the amusement of the other Senators.

With Monda's ouster now confirmed, the impeachment also marks the first time under President William Ruto's regime that a deputy governor or governor's impeachment has been confirmed by the Senate.

Previous attempts by the Senate to ratify impeachment motions fronted by MCAs have failed, including that of Meru Governor, Kawira Mwangaza, whose impeachment by MCAs failed to go through at the Senate...twice!

What Happens Now?

Following the impeachment of Monda, Kisii Governor Simba Arati will be required to nominate a new deputy within the next 14 days.

The nominee will then be considered by the County Assembly within 60 days.

Inside the Kenyan Senate Chambers. /SENATE KENYA