Kiss 100 Presenters Respond To Trio Mio Who Dissed Them [VIDEO]

Ndhlovu believed that Trio Mio's best songs came days before the national examinations...

Kiss 100 Presenters Respond To Trio Mio Who Dissed Them [VIDEO]
Rapper Trio Mio. /MDUNDO.COM

Kiss 100 FM presenter Chito Ndhlovu praised a freestyle released on Tuesday, January 17 by rapper Mario TJ Kasela, better known as Trio Mio, despite the fact that the diss track was targeted at him and his colleague.

The Cheza Kama Wewe hitmaker released a video of the two-minute freestyle which began with a snippet of Ndhlovu and fellow presenter, Cyd Wambui, talking about his music career post his high school education.

They were responding to online banter about what would become of the rising talent during a past on-air show as they urged the rapper to pay more attention to his music because even though he passed the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results, which are yet to be released, and failed in his music, he would be forgotten in Kenyan showbiz.

Kiss 100 FM presenters Chito Ndhlovu and Cyd Wambui. /KISS FM

Ndhlovu believed that Trio Mio's best songs came days before the national examinations, which came with its own kind of pressure.

“I am waiting for his music post-KCSE. Already he has released one song and guys are saying that the pressure of KCSE was what was making him release good music.

“This year is his make-or-break point…if he passes this year and doesn’t put out like a major hit, imagine he’ll be forgotten,” Ndhlovu stated.

Beginning with "Sasa huu msee anasema nini? (what is this guy saying?)", Trio Mio began the diss track by talking about how he dreamt of being a rapper having been born and raised in the ghetto environment, and that he would not lose sleep thinking about the KCSE results.

He also addressed the sad situation affecting many Kenyan youths who complete their studies and get good marks but fall victim to an economy that has for years failed to create jobs that not only are capable of accepting their good grades but also sustain them in life.

Trio also noted that at the end of the day, the grades one gets will not put food on the table, as a way of advising youth not to give up on their dreams as someday they will be profitable.

He also fired at internet trolls contributing to the void between social media and real life, stating that the chatter both online and through the airwaves did not affect the quality of his life and was unbothered by commentary about his lifestyle.

Ndhlovu reacted to the freestyle by praising Trio Mio's talent, stating that he and Wambui were glad to start a conversation in the Kenyan music industry, even though Kenyans believed that the rapper was dressing down their comments.

“Trio has done a dope freestyle one could say possibly inspired by a conversation Cyd Wambui and I had most recently.

"We are always happy to be conversation shapers and starters, especially for the Kenyan music/entertainment scene. Looking forward to that Trio 2023 major hit!” he said in a post on Twitter.

However, Kenyans were not too happy with the radio presenter's comments, urging him to apologise to Trio Mio for mocking him instead of praising what he can do.

Others expressed that they had no idea who the presenters were until they were made famous by Trio Mio, who at the time of publishing was mentioned over 42,200 times on Twitter.

Here is the freestyle video: