Octopizzo Goes After Ruto Over High Cost Of Kerosene

He voiced complaints from residents regarding the high prices of Kerosene...

Octopizzo Goes After Ruto Over High Cost Of Kerosene
Side by side image of President William Ruto and rapper Octopizzo. /VIRALTEAKE

Kenyan award-winning rapper Henry Ohanga, alias Octopizzo, on Tuesday, May 16 called out President William Ruto over the latest increase in fuel prices, especially the price of Kerosene.

Speaking on his Instagram stories, the Noma Ni hitmaker who often resides outside the country while managing his other businesses, recalled his return to Kenya where he had conversations with Kenyans regarding the new fuel prices for the month of May 15 to June 14.

He voiced complaints from residents regarding the high prices of Kerosene and cornered Members of Parliament (MP) who are yet to speak regarding the cost of fuel in the country.

A man fills a bottle with Kerosene in Mathare, in Nairobi, Kenya August 10, 2017. /REUTERS

Octopizzo believed that the hike in Kerosene prices was hurting the common mwananchi who use the fuel product for their domestic use, including cooking.

"I'm around the ghetto and residents are complaining because of Kerosene, whose prices have increased a lot and I've not heard a single MP talk about it, that the price of Kerosene should go down.

"This is a shoutout to President Ruto, you are hurting us. We still cook with paraffin stoves in the ghetto. You can increase the petrol and diesel prices but not paraffin and the way you said you are depending on the hustlers to help us," he lamented.

Octopizzo emphasised that it was crucial for President Ruto to intervene and tackle the rising cost of fuel in the country, especially for Kerosene which is even used to light up houses and assist children while doing their homework.

"Do something about it, people are in a bad place, someone can buy paraffin for lamps for lighting their houses and children use it to do their homework," he added.

Kerosene was the hardest-hit fuel product in EPRA's price increase as it went up by Ksh15.19 per litre to retail at Ksh161.13, up from Ksh145.94.

Kerosene’s uses vary dramatically from fuel for oil lamps to cleaning agents, jet fuel, heating oil or fuel for cooking. It is mainly used in informal settlements in the urban areas and rural parts of Kenya to power cookstoves and lanterns.

It also has several industrial uses for example it is widely used as a solvent.

EPRA also announced an increase in Super Petrol and Diesel by Ksh3.40 per litre and Ksh6.40 per litre to retail currently at Ksh182.70 and Ksh168.40 up from Ksh179.3 and Ksh162 in Nairobi.

"Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene increase by Kshs.3.40 per litre, Kshs.6.40 per litre and Kshs.15.19 per litre respectively. The subsidy on Diesel and Kerosene has been removed," stated EPRA in part on Sunday, May 14.

New fuel prices as announced by EPRA on May 14, 2023. /VIRALTEAKE