UDA Dismisses Letter Calling For Karen Nyamu's Expulsion

Orina had attributed his wishes to the dramatic confrontation in Dubai over the weekend involving her and Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki as well as his wife, Edday Nderitu.

UDA Dismisses Letter Calling For Karen Nyamu's Expulsion
Senator Karen Nyamu at the Standing Committee on National Security, Defence and Foreign Relations. /FACEBOOK.KAREN NYAMU

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party has distanced itself from a letter which called for the expulsion of Nominated Senator, Karen Nyamu and subsequently the Senate.

National Youth Congress representative Jephnel Nyakwama Orina wrote to UDA Party Leader President William Ruto on Sunday, December 18 to compel him to kick her out following the drama she caused during her trip to Dubai.

Orina had attributed his wishes to the dramatic confrontation in Dubai over the weekend involving her and Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki as well as his wife, Edday Nderitu.

"Our attention has been drawn to videos and pictures of the above named Senator nominated to the Senate pursuant to article 98 (1) (d) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 by our Party. As members of the National Youth Congress we are deeply disappointed and embarrassed by the conduct of the Senator who appears intoxicated and disorderly in what appears to be a night club.

Scene shots from the drama that unfolded at a nightclub in Dubai between Mugithi singer Samidoh his baby mama Senator Karen Nyamu and his wife Edday Nderitu. /NAIROBI NEWS

"The conduct of the Senator in our view is in contravention of Article 75(1) of the Constitution of Kenya and the United Democratic Alliance Party Constitution. Her actions have brought ridicule and greatly tainted the name and reputation of The Party Leader and the Party," the statement read in part.

Orina wants action to be taken against her as her actions contravened the laws of the Constitution and the Elections Act.

"In view of the forgoing, we recommend the immediate Expulsion of Senator Nyamu Karen Njeri from the party and subsequent expulsion from the Senate pursuant to Article 103(1) (e) (i) of the Constitution of Kenya and Section 37 of the Elections Act with the immediate effect," the statement added.

Speaking to Viral Tea, however, sources close to the party revealed that the letter that circulated across social media platforms is not authentic, even though the drama that sparked an uproar across the country was not well received by the party members.

"The UDA CEO says it is not authentic, that before such a decision, she must be summoned by the National Executive Committee (NEC), something that hasn't been done yet.

"There are members who are offended by it but they haven't formally realised it. So it's okay to say the matter has not been taken well with party members," the source disclosed.

UDA Director of Communications Wanjohi Githae told NTV that Orina wrote in his personal capacity and not that of Congress or the Party, despite the document having UDA's letterhead as well as his signature.

“Misuse of our letterhead. He is not an official,” Wanjohi said.

Nyamu was forced to part ways with Samidoh following the standoff in Dubai when she stormed the entertainment joint he was meant to perform at and headed straight for Samidoh where she then sat on his lap.

Edday, who was close to Samidoh, was alarmed, a matter that ignited verbal confrontations between Nyamu and Samidoh as captured in a video that went viral on social media.

Samidoh's wife tried evacuating Nyamu from the scene before security officers eventually whisk her away from the venue. However, the drama seemed to have been forgotten in another video that captured Nyamu dancing and performing on stage with Samidoh and Akorino singer Karangu Wa Muraya.

Samidoh was performing with other Mugiithi artists among them Joyce Wa Mama and DJ Dbul. He flew into Dubai with Edday for enjoyment with family and friends and it was by coincidence that Nyamu was also in Dubai.

After defending her actions by stating that she was under the influence of alcohol and promising to quit drinking in 2023, she penned a statement shared on her Instagram stories, promising to never again repeat her actions since she is a member of a top government arm.

"Great and powerful women will attest that many times our weakest link is the men we get involved with. I am stopping the pattern. I have made the conscious decision to end for good my involvement with the father of my babies and now ex, Samidoh Muchoki. 

"I know I could have called him and ended it quietly but I decided to make this as public as the drama and the controversy has been. This had become a concern, especially with the position I hold as a member of the Senate," she stated. 

An old photo of Karen Nyamu and Samidoh Muchoki. /FILE