You Smell Of Chang'aa, Go Away- Magoha In Another Video Igniting Uproar

The CS was inspecting and commissioning a new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) phase two classroom at Bar Union Secondary School in Kisumu County on Tuesday, August 2.

You Smell Of Chang'aa, Go Away- Magoha In Another Video Igniting Uproar
Education CS George Magoha. /DAILY NATION

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha landed in trouble after another video surfaced of him humiliating a man before dismissing him in full view of members of the public.

The CS was inspecting and commissioning a new Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) phase two classroom at Bar Union Secondary School in Kisumu County on Tuesday, August 2.

In the video seen by Viral Tea, the CS was supervising the planting of a tree in his honour when a man approached him from behind with a watering can ready to hand over to him.

However, the man was subject to crude remarks from Magoha, who insinuated that he was reeking alcohol before the CS ordered him to back off.

Watch the video:

"You're smelling of chang'aa, get away from me completely," the CS barked at the man in the presence of police officers, teachers and students.

Magoha had only just apologised to NTV reporter, Rukia Bulle, over his demeaning Al Shabaab remarks, which sparked uproar nationwide.

In a meeting attended by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji and the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) on Wednesday, July 27, Magoha expressed regret over his sentiments which were captured on the video.

"Yesterday we met with CS Magoha who requested to meet with the Muslim leaders with the affected girl- we met with him at the office of the DPP. The CS apologized to the lady journalist and regretted having used the term he used," SUPKEM chair, Sheikh Hassan Ole Naado stated. 

He added that the leaders had accepted Magoha's apology, wishing him the best in his endeavours. 

Naado had appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to terminate CS Magoha after the remarks as other Muslim leaders called for all journalists in Kenya to be protected ahead of the elections on August 9.

The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) also got wind of the remarks and went to the extent of highlighting past incidences whereby Magoha has been clashing with journalists as a habit while compelling him to issue an apology.

"The Media Council of Kenya calls on the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) to ensure that the Cabinet Secretary issues an unconditional apology, withdraws the unfortunate remarks, and rescinds his directives against the smooth operation of media," the regulator stated in part.

The sentiments are among the several times Magoha has been the subject of controversy following his rattling remarks and some of them have led to his powers being reduced.

Education CS Prof George Magoha. /KBC DIGITAL

In November 2020, the CS was seen reprimanding a grey-haired senior citizen before dismissing him, with the citizen responding to him with "I am not talking about a report, I am talking about what is here on the ground. If I say you are a fool would I be lying?" 

The Public Service Commission (PSC), in the protection of the human resource functions that were allocated to him was forced to cut out some of his powers. He is serving his final term at the helm of the Ministry of Education.