Annitah Raey Unveiled As Kwambox's Replacement At Vybez Radio

Annitah quit the Royal Media Services (RMS) radio station Hot 96...

Annitah Raey Unveiled As Kwambox's Replacement At Vybez Radio
Collage of Annitah Raey and Kwambox. /FILE

Hannah Gitau, famously known as Annitah Raey, made a comeback to radio on Friday, January 20 after a two-year absence.

Annitah was unveiled by Standard Media Group (SMG)-owned radio station, Vybez Radio, replacing Sheila Kwamboka, alias Kwambox, who was poached by Radio Africa Group.

The celebrated radio personality will feature in the morning show Morning Vybez from 7-10 am every day alongside Kevin Matara.

Promo poster for Annitah Raey joining Vybez Radio. /INSTAGRAM.ANNITAH RAEY

"I missed the mic (microphone) and well I miss the good vibes. Catch me tomorrow morning (Friday, January 20) on Vybez Radio; let's end the week in style," Annitah announced.

Among those who congratulated her for making her comeback included Citizen TV's Willis Raburu and Yvonne Okwara as well as Classic 105 FM presenter Maina Kageni.

Annitah quit the Royal Media Services (RMS) radio station Hot 96 over what she termed as a toxic management.

“So I resigned. Best decision I have made in my 30 years...Toxic bosses is something I need to talk about...Video loading. When someone pushes you to suicide...Takes away the joy of life.

"Makes you hate a job that gave you joy...Then being silent about it is empowering that person. I might not change anything but I will encourage anyone who has a toxic boss” she shared.

The mental health advocate further noted that she chose her well-being over any career, knowing that she would be replaceable.

"I have never ever ranted about my personal life online. I have never ranted about my work either.

"I am not about to start today, but I have learned to choose myself above any job because if I died today then someone will replace me tomorrow. I choose my sanity," she noted.

Annitah terminated her relationship with Hot 96 after two years as she made her debut on the station on October 15, 2018. Before joining Hot 96 she had worked with, Ghetto Radio, Milele FM and Radio Jambo.

Kwambox meanwhile was announced as Radio Africa's latest signing. 

"Our quest for continuous improvement is tremendous. Sheila Kwamboka better known as Kwambox has joined the Radio Africa group.

“She has quite a reputation for being the home of the best media talent in this country over the past 20 years. I'm hoping that Kwambox as an addition will not only give listeners a chance to enjoy bigger, better, more engaging radio but also give advertisers a chance you know to get products articulated and well connected to consumers," Radio Africa Group Chief Operating Officer, Martin Khafafa weighed in.

She will join Kiss 100 FM, replacing Kamene Goro, whom Viral Tea understands will officially leave the station on Friday, January 27 after three years of hosting the Kiss Breakfast show alongside three co-hosts; Andrew Kibe, Jalang'o and Oga Obinna.

Kamene Goro at Kiss FM studios. /INSTAGRAM.KAMENE GORO