Dashcam Captures Cop Run Over In Multiple Car Crash Along Southern Bypass [VIDEO]

The driver whose camera was recording the proceedings unfold shifted onto the fast lane as the Passo sped up amidst traffic building up on the opposite two lanes

Dashcam Captures Cop Run Over In Multiple Car Crash Along Southern Bypass [VIDEO]
Dashboard camera captures multiple car crash along Southern Bypass as a traffic marshal is knocked over on November 25, 2023. /MURA KARIUKI.X

A dashboard camera on Saturday, November 25 captured a horrific scene that unfolded as a traffic marshal was knocked down by a speeding vehicle at the same time a trailer rammed into several vehicles along the Southern Bypass in Nairobi.

The 53-second video seen by Viral Tea began with normalcy as the driver cruised down the 29.6-kilometre road that connects the junction of the Nairobi-Mombasa Road and Likoni Road and the Nairobi-Malaba Road, tailing a Toyota Passo plying the fast lane.

The driver whose camera was recording the proceedings unfold shifted onto the fast lane as the Passo sped up amidst traffic building up on the opposite two lanes, not knowing that a dangerous situation was lying in wait.

Then, from out of nowhere, the trailer was captured hurtling into a BMW which was thrust towards the direction of the vehicle, whose driver swerved in an instant to avoid a head-on collision.


Meanwhile, the man, who was a traffic marshal charged with directing traffic to one lane, tried to escape being run over by the BMW not knowing that he was heading towards the oncoming Passo, which knocked him more than five feet in the air before landing hard on the tarmac.

The trailer on the other hand left a mess along the road as crashed cars were left strewn on the side. The driver pulled over to the middle section as the camera captured another trailer swerving towards the left to avoid running over the man who lay still on the ground as the driver of the Passo stepped out to check on his condition.

Viral Tea was yet to independently establish if the affected marshal survived the ordeal and whether or not he was rushed for medical attention.

The incident sparked debate with some users criticising the behaviour of Kenyan drivers along the road and all roads in particular, however, some heaped blame on the speed bumps erected on the bypass.

"Stationary cars and bumps on the bypass will always be a death trap.  But our engineers never listen," Mura Kariuki posted on X (formerly Twitter).

"I know we want to blame the bumps on the bypass but there is signage on speed and I've been on that road and people don't abide by those speeds. You'll be within the speed limit and here comes someone behind you hooting like a lunatic driving at 100," Karey Mwari weighed in.

On Wednesday, October 4, the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) confirmed that accidents occurred along the road as Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen responded to the uproar from a section of motorists who decried the presence of dangerous bumps erected along the bypass.

Initial reports had revealed that three people died as a result of the accidents. In response, Murkomen deployed police officers to the Southern Bypass in a bid to prevent motorists from speeding beyond the stipulated speed limits and causing accidents.

"To prevent accidents and protect lives, the contractor has placed road signage and installed temporary bumps made of quarry dust in the freshly repaired areas.

"The installation of these bumps and reduction of speed to 50KPH as indicated in the signage and as required in areas under construction will help to preserve the quality of the road and ensure the safety of road users," he stated.

CS Murkomen further noted that the repairs were slowed down by the huge traffic volumes on the road, which the contractor has had to contend with, against the strict timelines set for the completion of the maintenance works.

As a ministry, he revealed that he has discussed with the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) and the contractor to continue implementing further measures to enhance safety and prevent road crashes as they expedite construction works.

"I request all motorists to adhere to road signage and the set speed limit while approaching these sections. Further, I have directed KeNHA to issue a Public Notice to all motorists clearly identifying the sections under maintenance and the stipulated speed limit applicable to these sections," he added.

As he promised Kenyans earlier this year, Murkomen revealed that his Ministry was progressing well with the installation of speed cameras on Kenyan highways, the Southern Bypass included.

Warning road signs erected along the Southern Bypass on October 4, 2023. /KENHA