DJ Fatxo: Singer In Mwathi Death Case Who Worked With Sailors Gang

During the visit, the detectives interrogated the entertainer as they sought to piece together the events that transpired leading to Mwathi's death.

DJ Fatxo: Singer In Mwathi Death Case Who Worked With Sailors Gang
A collage of DJ Fatxo and Sailors Gang. /FILE

As detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Homicide department landed at Redwood apartment in Safari Park Estate on Friday, March 10 to investigate the death of Jeff Mwathi, more details are emerging regarding the profile of popular Kikuyu benga artist and DJ Fatxo, real name Lawrence Njuguna.

The detectives headed to the apartment where the DJ lives, on the same day a directive from Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki and Director of Criminal Investigation Amin Mohamed was issued to the investigative agency.

During the visit, the detectives interrogated the entertainer as they sought to piece together the events that transpired leading to Mwathi's death.

"My client is cooperating with the ongoing investigations, all the times that he has been summoned to appear since the death of Geoffrey, he has been available," Charles Mugane, his lawyer told Inooro TV.

DCI detectives at DJ Fatxo's apartment on March 10, 2023. /TWITTER

DJ Fatxo, the only child in his family, was born in Nyandarua County which is home to some of the best Mugithi singers. He is married and has one child.

Before launching his music career, DJ Faxto played at small-time establishments around Ruiru before he got his big break at KU TV where he was the resident DJ. He was also a regular at some of Ruiru's most popular night spots.

At KU TV, he met the now-defunct Sailors Gang, a Gengetone group which shortly made him their official DJ. That stint was however short-lived and his singing began to grow into a surprise music career.

DJ Faxto went on to release his first single 'Ndi Mang'a' (I'm totally drunk) in 2020 which turned him into an instant celebrity, enhanced by his signature flame-haired look which he introduced, amassing up to 4.4 million views on YouTube to date.

Fatxo then released another popular hit, Inji Ikaaga as his comedic elements merged with his music helped him land a contract with land acquisition firm, Lesedi Developers, as their brand ambassador, which would be extended in 2021.

As his career grew, DJ Faxto continued to release more music and perform at countless top-rated Mugithi spots alongside his Kikuyu contemporaries with fully-booked weekend gigs. Later, he would team up with yet another popular Kikuyu singer and instrumentalist Davy Kamoko with whom he collaborated on the smash hit 'Mwomboko'.

The song, which now has over 6.2 million views on YouTube, further solidified Faxto's brand and introduced him to a new niche of Mugithi fans - accordion lovers.

Faxto was thrown into the murky world of celebrity gossip when he was rumoured to be dating a popular Murang'a female politician in January 2022 and was said to have been gifted a brand new Mercedes Benz by the scandal-prone politician. He denied the claims.

"I wish, we cannot argue over issues that do not make sense. I respect her so much as a politician and actually I don't even have a photo with her. We do not have even a single photo together as friends or even during campaigns, we do not have any," he told 2Mbili TV.

"Yes, we have met and know each other because my manager Mutema calls her aunt. So, I will be very honest with you, we respect one another very much such that the only interaction activities we have are in the line of duty, and we only exchange greetings."

On Valentine's Day the following month, the DJ unveiled the new house he had built for his parents and seven days later, gifted his wife with a brand new car.

"Somebody help me wish this pretty soul a Happy Birthday. I promised myself that I would come back for those that starved with me. Enjoy your new machine and never stop praying for your boyfriend," the musician posted.

On December 26, 2022, DJ Fatxo and his wife were blessed with a baby boy. As is his tradition, he shared the news of the baby's arrival with his fans and received thousands of congratulatory messages.

As Kenyans ushered in the new year (2023), the singer was en route to Embu for a club performance when he was involved in a minor road accident which left his Subaru Forester badly mangled on the left side.

He would almost immediately share the bad news with his fans, saying, "The Devil is a liar. We will see the Year 2023. Somebody Hit Us & Ran. My driver couldn’t stop the car but all thanks to God we are safe. 2023 we are seeing you in Jesus Name...Somebody say Amen!".

DJ Fatxo's other hits include Nindetikira, Tokonyo, Mwopiano and his latest, Biribiri.

A statement recorded by DJ Fatxo at the Kasarani Police station revealed that he and Mwathi met on the day they met went through four different clubs, beginning with Bliss Bistro and ending at Quiver Lounge along Thika Road.

CCTV footage obtained from Redwood apartments showed them with three unidentified women returning to DJ Fatxo's apartment at around 3 am. A police report further revealed that there was another man, a relative of the DJ, who arrived at the apartment in a different car.

Collage of the late Geoffrey Mwathi and DJ Fatxo. /CITIZEN DIGITAL.FACEBOOK DJ FATXO