GMO: Atheists Support Moses Kuria After Church Shames Him

This, they added, would cushion Kenyans from the ravaging effects of drought leading to food scarcity...

GMO: Atheists Support Moses Kuria After Church Shames Him

The Atheists In Kenya Society (AIKS) has welcomed Trade CS Moses Kuria's announcement that he allowed the importation of Genetically Modified Organism foods (GMOs).

In a statement, AIKS president Harrison Mumia indicated on Monday, November 21 that they were in full support of the Cabinet's move to allow GMO maize into the country.

This, they added, would cushion Kenyans from the ravaging effects of drought leading to food scarcity and consequently hunger.

Atheists in Kenya Society (AIKS) president, Harrison Mumia. /THE STAR

Mumia pointed out that there was evidence to suggest that several countries around the world had benefited largely from GMO foods, including advanced countries.

"The Atheists In Kenya Society would like to state that we welcome and support the importation of GMO maize as a way of tackling food insecurity in Kenya.

"There is no credible evidence of harm from GMOs. On the contrary, GM crops have been shown to have more impact in countries like India and Brazil," Mumia stated in part.

The society further noted that Kenya has been struggling to afford aspects such as fertilizers, pesticides among others that are affecting crop production, meaning GMOs could be the long lasting solution farmers are looking for.

"In a country such as ours, where farm inputs, like fertilizers, farm equipment, and pesticides are becoming harder to afford for our farmers, we believe that GMO crops have more to offer,” read part of the statement.

Mumia further emphasised that GMOs were not harmful and that the fears associated with it were a figment of imagination.

“GMOs are not poison. The perceived ills of genetically modified foods are illusory and far smaller than believed,” concluded the Atheists boss.

Archbishop Anthony Muheria joined a number of Kenyans in criticising CS Kuria's controversial confession that GMOs, have the ability to kill Kenyans. 

Addressing the media on Monday, November 21, the Nyeri Diocese Archbishop termed CS Kuria's remarks as distasteful and lacking respect, further accusing him of joking about life and death.

He demanded an apology from the former Gatundu South MP, saying that Kenyans deserve to be respected and not insulted.

"We would wish to address the comments made by Moses Kuria regarding GMOs. It was disgraceful and disrespectful to Kenyans to joke about life and death and even if it is an issue that could be taken as a joke it would be wrong to bring about statements whereby we trivialize death, suffering, and insecurity.

"Irrespective of the matter in consideration, we feel that Kenyans deserve respect and not spite, and in this matter, they deserve an apology," he said.

Archbishop Anthony Muheria during a past media briefing. /KENYA NEWS AGENCY